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April 2013 Topbox (Elizabeth Arden Privé Box) - Unboxing and Review

Ever since Topbox launched the Privé box program, I've been finding myself opting in each month as opposed to selecting the regular Topbox. I used to love the surprise of beauty boxes but now it seems like I prefer to know what's inside. For my April box, I requested the Elizabeth Arden Privé box and was happy I received it.

Here is what I received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara in Black

I like the sample size and I'm excited to try this mascara. I haven't really tried a lot of high end mascara so I'm curious as to whether I will notice a difference.

Full size // 7 ml // $30
Sample size // 3 ml // approximately $12.86

2. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging and Intensive Repair Daily Serum

This product is crazy expensive! I haven't noticed a difference with any of the serums I've tried to date (with the exception of the 360 Skincare product, which is more like a cream). I'll definitely be giving this product a try to see if it's worth the price but I doubt I would ever pay that much for 30 ml of serum.

Full size // 30 ml // $275
Sample size // 5 ml // approximately $45.83

3. Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover

I've used this product a couple of times since recording my video and I like it. It's gentle and does a good job at removing my eye makeup.

Full size // 100 ml // $24
Sample size // 50 ml // approximately $12

4. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup

This is the product I was most excited to receive. I have quite a few concealers to use up but perhaps I will have to take a break so I can bump this up on my "to try" queue! I chose the shade Gentle Beige and I think it will be a good match for my skin tone.

Full size // 19 g // $42
Sample size // 1.9 g // approximately $4.20

5. Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Illuminating Shampoo

This was a bonus sample I received this month because I contacted Topbox last month regarding the size discrepancy with the Pure + Simple blush. I had previously received this shampoo sample in my very first Topbox and I didn't like it when I tried it the first time. My opinion on this shampoo hasn't changed much. I really like the scent but dislike the thin, runny consistency. As for its effectiveness, I found it a little better (my hair did not become overly greasy like it did last time) but that's probably because my hair has changed a lot in the meantime due to my new shampooing schedule. I still would not re-purchase this product.

Full size // 300mL // $45
Sample size // 75mL // approximately $11.25

Overall, I really liked the Elizabeth Arden Privé box. I don't have a lot of experience with this brand so I was happy to gain some exposure to some of the products at a reasonable price point. The value of this box was amazing.

// Approximate value of the products in the April 2013 Elizabeth Arden Privé box: $74.89 (not including the bonus sample) //

While I was happy with this month's box, Topbox is no longer a subscription that really excites me. I do like the Privé box program but I found myself selecting a Privé box every month because I was not confident in the samples that would be sent out in the regular Topbox. I have since cancelled my Topbox subscription so next month (May) is going to be my last review... at least for a little while. :) For my May box, I chose the Masqueraide box so assuming I receive that, the review won't be too exciting as most of you already know I love the Maskeraide masks.

Note: I purchased this Topbox with my own money.


  1. The packaging of the concealer is really cute! I love it :D

    1. isn't it adorable? that was definitely part of the appeal haha! :)

  2. Really wish I had gone with the Prive this month, since the product I was trying to avoid (eye make-up remover) was included in the regular box anyways! And I was one of the unlucky people who received a perfume sample instead of a brush or full-sized lotion.

    I think I'll be sticking with the Prive boxes from now on too, especially since I always seem to get the short straw with the surprise boxes - despite topbox's claims that they keep track of these things so that people don't get shortchanged, I always seem to get the box of lesser value.

    1. i found myself always choosing the prive box... i've actually cancelled my subscription so may will be my last one. i regretted it a little bit but i guess i can always sign up again later...

    2. I'm also considering cancelling. I moved recently and was actually kind of shocked/mildly ashamed of all of the sample-sized products that I was packing. I'm actually really torn about it, because I love getting the boxes, but I've probably only used about half of the things that I've received, and out of that half, I'd only consider buying maybe 25% of the products. Such a dilemma!

    3. i'm with you! i love getting the boxes too but it's too much. i have so many products to try that i am overwhelmed. on top of that, i still purchase products outside of the beauty boxes so it's doubly overwhelming haha. i'm still going to keep a few boxes but i'm feeling better about cancelling topbox and ipsy now. :)

    4. I keep being tempted by ipsy! The bags are sooo cute and the teaser emails they send make me consider signing up every single time!
      Which ones are you going to keep?

    5. i cancelled ipsy before this bag but i was tempted to sign up again... in the end, it just wasn't for me but members are super happy with the may bag so that's nice to see! :) i'm currently signed up for seasonsbox, starbox, beauty box 5, and julep... i will probably keep it at those for now... i'm signed up for multiple months under the first 3. :)

  3. I received my first box this month and found it a bit boring... The only item in the regular box I'm excited to try is the scrub. I'm hoping that I get a prive box next month! Which subscription service is your favourite right now?

    1. the scrub would have been the best thing for me in the regular box too. my favourites right now are seasonsbox (lifestyle box), starbox (all full size makeup), and beauty box 5 (variety of samples). i am also subscribed to julep and plan to keep that one because i like how you can skip boxes. :)

  4. I like seasonsbox too. I still have 2 boxes left in my subscription and I'm holding out for boxes that really peak my interest. I'm hoping the quality of their boxes and their customer service doesn't change when they finish moving their operations to the US.

    1. i too hope the customer service isn't impacted by the move to the U.S.! i subscribed for a year starting in february so i have quite a few boxes left. fingers crossed for a smooth transition!


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