Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paul Lionhead

I haven't done an outfit post in a very long time. Truth be told, the reason I don't do very many of these is because when I find an outfit I like, I literally wear it all the time so my outfit posts would get pretty tiresome. Regardless, here is what I wore to dinner with my girlfriend this evening. We meet once a month and we always have a nice meal with great conversation.

I've been wearing my hair in this messy topknot lately. My husband calls me Paul Lionhead when I wear my hair like this because (1) I remind him of his East Indian childhood friend named Paul who tied his hair exactly like this in a mini turban and (2) after a night of being in this topknot, all my baby hairs come out and frame my face like a lion's mane. You'd think this nickname would make me stop wearing my hair this way but nope.

When you like something, do you find you wear it over and over again? Or are you good at rotating the pieces in your wardrobe?

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