Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hawker Bar

My friend and I went to Hawker Bar last night for our monthly dinner as I had read really good things about it... and we were not disappointed! Here is what we ordered:

Son In Law Eggs // soft boiled then fried, chili jam, prik nam pla
our server recommended that we eat this in one bite since the egg is soft boiled and would otherwise squirt all over the place... something we can attest to when my friend forgot and bit into it hehe! i thought this would be too big to eat in one bite but it was just right. very yummy!

Chili Salt Tofu // fried silken tofu, chili salt, house BBQ dipping sauce
I was surprised when this came out because the tofu pieces were very pale and I thought they would be fried to a golden brown. Nevertheless, this dish was delicious and my friend and I gobbled up every last bite. Our server recommended that we squeeze the lime on top before eating and it was perfect. The BBQ sauce was very sweet but still tasty.

Curry Pork Satay // peanut sauce, pickled cucumber
Another great dish! The pork was tender and flavourful. The peanut sauce was very rich and contained little pieces of peanut. We almost forgot to eat the pickled cucumber but thankfully we noticed in time because it was delish!

Singapore Noodles // chicken and tiger prawns, spicy curry sauce, cilantro
Our server noticed that I didn't eat the piece of cilantro on my son in law egg so she asked if she should ask the kitchen to hold the cilantro on the Singapore Noodles. I normally just pick off the cilantro as I always forget to mention it so I was very pleased that she noticed. Now that is great service! This dish is very spicy and extremely flavourful.

I also had a Hawker Sling (not pictured) - gin, benedictine, heering, pineapple, ginger beer. This is the 2nd cocktail in a very short period of time that I've had with ginger beer and it was incredible. Gin and ginger beer must be a natural pairing. Overall, we had a great experience at Hawker Bar and I would definitely make a return visit. The restaurant is very small and there are no reservations so arrive early or be prepared for a wait. Next time I go, I am going to try the Hawker Laksa Lemak!

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