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February 2013 Julep Box - Full Collection - Unboxing and Review

The February Julep box appealed to me so much that I upgraded to the full collection! I really liked most of the polishes that were included, I was intrigued by the extra products, and I loved that there was a white lacquer jewellery box included this month. Without further ado, here is my unboxing of the February Julep box.

The collection shipped in a big box and these were the non colour polish items. The bonus item we received this month was a little eyelash curler, which was really to my liking! I've been using this curler on a daily basis and it's good at getting to the very base of my lashes for a nice curl. I also liked the two "products" we received this month - the Freedom Polymer Top Coat and the Oxygen Nail Treatment. The Freedom Polymer Top Coat is a quick dry top coat that cures in 3-5 minutes in natural light and in 2 minutes under a 60 watt light bulb. My Oxygen Nail Treatment had a bit of an issue... a quarter of the bottle leaked out, pooled, and dried up under the cap. I contacted Julep and they sent me a replacement. I've only tried the Oxygen Nail Treatment once so I can't speak to how well it works at making my nails stronger but I do like the sheer pink tint it gives my nails. In this box, we also received 2 little milk chocolate hearts but my hubby ate them both!

Now moving onto the actual white lacquer jewellery box containing the 12 nail polishes. I was surprised by the high quality of this box. It is very sturdy and opens & closes nicely.

The 12 nail polishes rest comfortably inside the box as Julep included little removable foam dividers to ensure a perfect fit. You can remove all the dividers or change the configuration if you want to use this as a jewellery box.

Out of the 12 nail polishes, there was only one dupe for me. Here are the first 6 colours, from left to right:

1. Oscar - It Girl - Ultra chic, multi-dimensional gold glitter - Originally from the February 2012 Julep box.
This was the dupe for me and I love this gold glitter. It is full coverage and easy to apply.

2. Ginger - Bombshell - Sand holographic - Inspired by Ginger Rogers.
I am wearing this shade in the video and I really love how flattering it is on the nails. It's beautiful in the light and also very work appropriate.

3. Rebel - It Girl - Silver holographic - Inspired by Rebel Wilson.

4. Joan - American Beauty - Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer - Inspired by Joan Crawford.

5. Marion - It Girl - Smoky blue with silver shimmer - Inspired by Marion Cottillard.

6. Ellie - Opalescent seashell pink with a holographic shimmer - Originally from the May 2012 Julep box.

7. Claudette - Classic with a Twist - Smoky brick red crème - Inspired by Claudette Colbert.

8. Laura - Bombshell - Olive khaki crème - Inspired by Laura Dern.
This shade applied really thick and goopy, which is an issue with some Julep nail polishes. It was very difficult to apply but I still really liked this colour on my nails. It leans very grey and you can only see the green in certain lighting.

9. Ingrid - Boho Glam - Burnt orange crème - Inspired by Ingrid Bergman.

10. Helen - Classic with a Twist - Smoky pastel lavender crème - Inspired by Helen Hunt.

11. Julianne - Boho Glam - Smoky grey blue crème - Inspired by Julianne Moore.

12. Sally - American Beauty - Antique ivory crème - Inspired by Sally Field.

True to my Maven profile, my favourite nail polishes in this box are from the Boho Glam and Classic with a Twist collections. I also love crème polishes so having half a box full of my favourite finish definitely made this a very appealing box for me. Overall, I think this box was a great deal and I highly recommend the upgrade if there is another lacquer jewellery box included in the future. By the way, Truffle loved the shipping box. It is the perfect size for our bunny! :)

Julep is $19.99 including shipping but you can preview months and skip as many boxes as you want. There is a promotion going on right now where you can type in FREEBOX to get your first box at no charge. I believe you only have to pay shipping of $3.99. If you are interested in signing up to Julep and don't mind using my referral link, I would earn points and send heaps of good karma your way!

FTC: I used my referral credits in exchange for the February Julep box.

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