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December 2012 Glossybox Canada - Unboxing and Review

There were a few things I really liked about the December Glossybox - I received a golden ticket box and I also really liked a few of the products. However, overall I was disappointed in Glossybox this month for a couple of reasons:

1) Drug store brands. As I've mentioned in the past, I prefer receiving higher end or niche brands in these beauty boxes - even if it means smaller sample sizes... as long as the sample sizes aren't teeny tiny foil packets.

2) Unknown product sourcing. It appears that two of the samples in this month's box were not sourced from the brand itself. There is a lot of backlash on Facebook because it appears that a lot of the Revlon & Avon products sent out this month are very very old (discontinued) products that may have been purchased in bulk from a discount-type store. Glossybox is giving us the runaround regarding the Revlon nail polish and has promised us an update on the Avon product on Monday. I will be very interested in the response as I think subscribers have a right to know where the products are coming from.

Anyway, this video is longer than usual because I wanted to address item #2 in particular.

When I first opened the shipping box, I was very excited because we received a beautiful silver box this month. Inside, the contents were wrapped in a grey/silver ribbon with a silver & white Glossybox sticker and a hot pink LouLou sticker. This month's box was apparently curated by LouLou magazine. Again this month, we received a copy of GlossyMag - I like that the magazine contains some Canadian content but overall I wouldn't mind either way if this magazine was included or not.

Here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Nobia Tiny Mint Earrings

All subscribers received these little stud earrings in the December Glossybox. I like these earrings but wish that subscribers would have received different earrings (rather than all of us receiving the same style). That being said, jewellery is such a personal choice that I guess these earrings were the least risky choice. This was a bonus sample that was not listed on our product card. It's interesting to note that Glossybox subscribers in the U.S. received a Jewelmint piece - I guess this is Glossybox Canada's way of making the boxes a little more equitable.

Full size and sample size // 1 pair of earrings // $14.99

2. Nobia Necklace

This was my golden ticket item! 50 subscribers were randomly chosen this month to receive a piece of jewellery and I was surprised to find that I was one of them. The necklaces that were given out in previous golden ticket boxes (this is the 3rd month) were hit or miss so I haven't been too broken up about not receiving a golden ticket in the past. This month's necklace was actually something that I'd wear so I was pretty happy with it.

Full size and sample size // 1 necklace // $14.99 (I didn't see this necklace on the Nobia website so I just assigned the lowest price)

3. Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo

This is the only dry shampoo I've tried that I didn't like. I will still use this product since I don't have a spray dry shampoo at the moment and sprays are quick and easy (plus I hate wasting products). Hopefully I'll get through it quickly since it's a small bottle. I reviewed this product in my All About Dry Shampoo post.

Full size // 161 g // $7.29
Sample size // 56 g // $2.54

4. Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner

I like trying new shampoo and conditioner so I didn't mind receiving this sample. I didn't even mind the small sample size since this was a bonus and not counted towards our regular set of samples. I think I'll get 1-2 uses out of these packets.

Shampoo: Full size // 700 mL // $6.99
Sample size // 9 mL // $0.09

Conditioner: Full size // 700 mL // $6.99
Sample size // 9 mL // $0.09

5. Aveeno Positively Ageless Day Lotion with SPF 30

I love Aveeno products so I was happy to see this in my Glossybox even though I'm not crazy about receiving drug store products in these beauty boxes. I haven't used this moisturizer yet but I tried it on the back of my hand. I really like the pump bottle and it seems to aerate the lotion so it comes out with a whipped consistency. There is a mild scent that does not bother me.

Full size & sample size // 75 mL // $25.99

6. Aveeno Positively Ageless Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30

I was most excited about this product as I enjoy trying tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and foundations. I received this full size product in the shade light to medium. I like that this is in a pump bottle.

Impressions: I've been using this product for the past 3-4 days and I am loving it. It saves me so much time in the morning because it's a moisturizer, sunscreen, and very light foundation all-in-one. I find the product a little bit dry so I will be using it in the winter with a moisturizer underneath but I think this product would be perfect on its own in the summer. This is a product I would purchase. This product also has a mild scent.

Full size & sample size // 50 mL // $25.99

7. Glossybox False Eyelashes

Another set of falsies! I am ok about receiving these. They are very dramatic so I will likely be cutting them in half because the full set will probably overwhelm my eyes. The lashes come with a tiny tube of glue. I tried the glue on New Year's Eve when I used it to apply the Lashem false lashes I received in my December Glymm bag. Unfortunately, the glue was not very good quality and I found it did not hold the lashes in place very well and the false lashes also came off very easily.

Full size & sample size // 1 set of lashes // $12.50

8. Revlon Nail Polish in Demure

This nail polish is from the Fire and Ice collection, which I believe was released in February 2011. While I'd rather receive a product from a current collection, I don't mind receiving older nail polish shades.

Impressions: I thought this shade would clash with my skin tone but it was actually reasonably pretty on. It's a mid-tone pinky peach colour. I'm wearing this shade in the above video.

Full size & sample size // 14.7 mL // $5.99

Other comments: This is one one of the products that is causing an uproar on Facebook. Many subscribers received old, discontinued nail polish shades - I believe some were from 2008? Some subscribers also reported that their nail polishes had clearance Rite-Aid stickers on them. Revlon has indicated that it has not partnered with Glossybox so these nail polishes were clearly sourced from a third party - perhaps in bulk from a discount store. This is a little disconcerting as I thought Glossybox was supposed to be partnering with brands to bring us the latest products. While I liked the nail polish I received, I think we subscribers have a right to know the source of these products. Glossybox has tried to sweep this issue under the rug and posted this message on Facebook:

GLOSSIES, we are sorry that some of you were disappointed with your full-size Revlon nail polish. We were careful to send you colours that would be universally acceptable and all-in-all great additions to any nail polish collection. We hope that you can enjoy your nail polish and if you have any further questions, we are happy to have you email our customer service department.

9. Avon Color Trend Mini Lip Gloss in London

The only link I could find for this Avon product was a UK Ebay listing. This product is made in Poland and was apparently sourced by a UK partner (or perhaps by the Glossybox head office?). Some of the Avon products that were provided to subscribers were discontinued in, get ready for this, 2005! So some of these lip and eye products are 7 to 8 years old... at a minimum!

Impressions: Unfortunately, this silver/grey colour was so shocking that I actually put this on immediately after opening this product, without knowing that the product could have been over 7 years old. This grey makes me look dead. I could see this perhaps being used to tone down a brighter lip colour but I would not wear this product on its own. And now that I know how old it is, I definitely would not wear this product at all.

Full size & sample size // unknown size // unknown value

Other comments: The Avon products are also causing a lot of unhappiness on the Facebook page and, while I've stayed out of the melee, I am very disappointed in Glossybox. It is typical for this company to try to gloss over issues but I am not sure how it is going to weather this public relations storm. The logical course of action would be to be transparent and apologize but this is Glossybox we are talking about so I sense that a defensive response will be forthcoming.

Overall, I was not pleased with this month's Glossybox despite the fact that I did enjoy some of the products. The point of these beauty boxes for me is to try high end or niche brands so I don't really value repeatedly receiving drug store brands, even if they are full size. I will be cancelling this box later this month.

One last note: although LouLou apparently curated this box, there was no sign of this except that some tips were included on the Glossybox product card and a subscription offer was tucked into the envelope. I would have thought a magazine at the very least would have been included in this box (or perhaps mailed separately). This partnership seems to be a bit of a farce.

// Approximate value of the products in the December 2012 Glossybox: $103.17 //

I received the V1 box this month. Did you receive a Glossybox this month and, if so, what did you think of the contents?

FTC: I used my Glossydots to redeem this box.


  1. wow... this is disappointing. i am very interested to follow up with this PR issue.

    1. i'll be watching facebook closely tomorrow!

  2. I agree with you on Tresemme dry shampoo, it's horrible!

    The necklace you got is very pretty so I can understand why you were happy to receive it.

    I am really enjoying your posts of the beauty box subscriptions you receive. Sometimes I feel like I want to sign up for one but I would hate to be disappointed. So far Julep nail polish seems to be a good fit for me. I've also seen the Pop Sugar boxes which I'm sure they don't ship to Canada but they seem to have a good mix of everything from tea to beauty and snacks!

    1. the tresemme dry shampoo was the first thing i noticed in the box and it was a bad first impression! the pop sugar boxes look really good - apparently they are going to start shipping to canada soon but it's a little pricier than other boxes. i think i'm going to sign up for seasonsbox - it's similar in that it's a lifestyle box and i am really liking the types of products that are being included.

  3. It's crazy that the product is so old, I had no idea! I did not receive that silver lipgloss but I did get some avon eyeshadow which looked suspiciously odd, it was a liquid eyeshadow and it looked like the product was separating inside

    1. i know... it's a bit ridiculous. i've seen photos of the liquid eyeshadow and i don't think i'd feel comfortable putting that near my eye. it's really bad because as a customer, i implicitly trusted the products provided by glossybox, and i applied the lip gloss without even looking into the product. i was so grossed out when i found out how old that lip gloss might have been!

  4. So sketchy! I don't know why it's so hard for Glossy box to give a straight answer. I rather see a company honest with their mistake and be truthful to their customer than what Glossybox is doing right now. Seems like a terrible PR move because there's so many disappointed subscribers right now. Like you, I'm really interested in what they have to say in the next couple of days. I'm so glad I unsubscribed from Glossybox. They are definitely not worth the $21 price tag! I think Glossybox Canada has really tarnished the Glossybox International brand because of this mistake!

    1. i don't understand why it's so difficult to get a straight answer from glossybox either! there is something seriously wrong with how evasive/defensive the company is... it's consistently been that way since the beginning too. it does reflect poorly on the brand as a whole but it's very odd that other countries seem to have much better boxes!

  5. Gross, gross, gross. Ugh. I am livid over this and I'm not even a subscriber!

    1. yes, it's pretty disgusting!! :( i still can't believe i actually applied that gloss, ick!

  6. I wish GB had just owned up and said "We're sorry, we goofed" instead of putting the blame on someone else. I was also confused about the LouLou partnership since the only sign I saw of them was the sticker on the tissue and the magazine. I will have to update my blog post to reflect these shenanigans!

    1. i wish that too. glossy took so long to respond to the initial backlash that it just fueled the fire on facebook. they should have just addressed the issue immediately and been upfront with subscribers. i will never understand why some companies choose to try to worm out of issues as that invariably makes things worse.

  7. sweet!! you got the golden ticket item and it is very pretty indeed!
    i agree with what you are saying about GB. i hope it gets resolved soon because their customers need answers!

    also that Tresemme dry shampoo was one of the first dry shampoos i've ever tried and it made my scalp itchy! i havent touched it since then but i wonder if it's changed at all

    1. i wonder how many subscribers glossybox has lost due to this issue! i was going to use the tresemme dry shampoo today but couldn't bring myself to do it as i didn't want to sit at work with greasy, residue-filled hair haha. maybe i'll save it for a weekend so i can hop into the shower in case the texture hasn't changed!

  8. I was also OK with the products I received this month - don't expect to be wowed every month - but was disappointed by the discounted products. Would love to see Glossy own up - over the holidays maybe they did not receive samples they were waiting for - and purchased product from a dollar-type store to fill the box? Or did LouLou curate the box for them? Don't really get what the partnership was about if they were not contributing something... other than selling their magazine subscription. I subscribe to Seasons Box - just received my 2nd one and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It seems pricy but for under $35 the value is there. It is by far my favorite box right now!

    1. glossybox just posted a message on facebook today that the third party supplier has been used in the past so i am thinking this is part of the business model. :(

      wow, you received your seasonsbox already? i am still waiting for mine... i hope it comes soon. i am probably going to sign up for a year - there's an error on the seasonbox website so they're honouring the 12 month price of $250 (the regular price is $349).

  9. I'm so over the whole Glossy thing, I don't even know how to react. As an aside, the necklace you received IS so beautiful!! As for the earrings, they weren't originally on the site and there are WAY nicer earrings for that price, so I think they totally just made it up to make it look like they're worth more.

    1. yeah, i hear ya on being over it. i'm so glad you mentioned that about the earrings because i don't remember seeing them on the nobia site before and i thought i was losing it. the value of $14.99 seems extremely inflated for the earrings we received in the glossybox - i think you're right that they made it up to make the value of the box seem higher.

  10. As I mentioned on twitter to you earlier, how crazy am I right!? Haha, I just wanted to state how incredibly happy I am to have found your blog and channel and I want you to know that I do look to you and your research and consider it carefully in my beauty buying decisions. You really are a unique voice and I am very impressed with your efforts here, and I am inclined to believe your research before glossybox in terms of the sub par products received. I think I will be cancelling as we'll and switching to the seasons box you reviewed a few weeks ago. Although 10$ more, the products seem interesting and higher end or niche, which I agree, is a big part of these boxes for me as well.

    Keep up the great work !

    1. thank you so much for our sweet comment! you totally made my day. :)

      just a heads up that there's an error on the seasonsbox website for the 12 month subscription. they're honouring the lower price of $250 i believe until the end of january (the regular price is $349). i'm going to wait until i receive the january box but i think i will be subscribing to that service for a year. i can never pass up an amazing deal and i was also looking for a lifestyle box to branch out a little from beauty products.


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