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November 2012 Empties

Eeeps! I'm very late with my empties post this month. Maybe it's because I'm embarrassed by the low number of empties for November... but I'm definitely making up for it in December!

Here are the products I finished in November - in order of appearance in the video:

1. MaskerAide Beauty Rest'ore Sheet Mask

This mask was really cooling and had a nice light scent but I preferred the scent of the Detox Diva mask a little more. I still really enjoyed this mask but they are too expensive to add to my regular beauty regimen. A lot of my Youtube viewers and blog readers have recommended going to Pacific Mall or T&T and trying the 10 for $10 Korean face masks. I am definitely going to look for these over the holidays.

2. Balea Calming Face Mask and Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I find the Balea masks to be extremely painful. It is fine when I first put it on but then it burns like crazy! Eventually, the burning subsides but the feeling is so uncomfortable that I doubt I will ever repurchase these masks.

3. Algemarin Foam Bath

I used up two more of these foam bath packets in the month of November. I absolutely love this product and taking long bubble baths really helped me to relax as it has been mad stressful at work lately.

4. Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo and Conditioner

I received these samples in my October Glossybox and was reasonably happy with them. The foam from the shampoo was really soft and I also liked the scent of the conditioner a lot (I found it smelled a little different from the shampoo).

5. Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe

This product works wonders on my hair! It really seems to repair the damage to my hair and makes it feel soft and silky. I used this product once a week but not every week. I received this in my July Glymm bag and I was sad when I ran out. I will definitely purchase a full size of this product once I finish some of my many other hair products.

6. Be Fine Night Cream

Candice from Mirror Image sent me her night cream sample because she knew she wasn't going to use it and she had read how much I love it! I really enjoy this night cream but I have not purchased the full size yet - I am currently testing out another night cream that I also love. :)

7. Sampar Hydrating Fluid

I received two of these little samples in my July Topbox and I have finally used my second one! I thought this cream was ok. The scent is a little strong but it doesn't bother me. It is not something I would purchase because there are other products I like more and the price point is too high.

8. Jouviance Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Cream

This sample was included in my October Glossybox. I really enjoy receiving anti-aging creams in my beauty boxes as I would probably never buy any due to the price. I am not sure how anti-aging products work (or whether they actually do work) so I am not willing to invest the money in a full size product.

9. Shiseido BIO-PERFORMANCE Super Refining Essence

I received this little sample ages ago and I finally used it! I brought this little sample to Aruba with me and used it as a face cream for 3 nights in a row. I enjoyed it but didn't notice anything spectacular about the product so I will not be purchasing the full size.

10. Mereadesso Face and Neck Toning Gel

This was a product I received because Samantha from Nail Art Couture was kind enough to include me in her referral list with Luxebox. While I liked the cooling gel when I initially applied it to my face and neck, it didn't really absorb so I felt like I had a film on my skin. I also didn't like the scent - it was mild but really bothered me.

11. Consonant Organic Moisturizing Face Cream

I had a little travel size of the Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin and really liked it. Thus, I had high hopes for this sample but unfortunately it didn't work for me due to the scent. These are unscented products but there is typically a natural nutty smell to the cream. I opened (and tried) three different samples... I'm not sure if the cream in these little sample packets had gone rancid but the first one smelled so bad that I wanted to wash it off immediately. I ended up tossing that sample plus another one that smelled the same. I was able to finish this one because it didn't smell that bad but the nutty scent I used to like so much now reminds me of something putrid. Ah the power of negative association. I was disappointed because I really like the Consonant line of products.

12. Cyberderm H2O Hydration

This product was ok but again the scent bothered me a little bit. There isn't a strong scent but maybe my nose is sensitive to some, ahem, natural smells after my experience with the Consonant samples. I received this sample in my July Glymm bag but I actually preferred this product when we received it in the syringe format in the October Glymm bag.

13. Nair Hair Removal Lotion

I've been using this product for years and years and years because it's easy. I use this every 3 to 6 months to take the wispies off my arms - usually before I go on vacation. I've tried waxing off the wispies but the hair is literally so fine that waxing doesn't work. I typically purchase the Nair Hair Removal Lotion for sensitive skin but note that I do not recommend this product for sensitive skin. It is very harsh and filled with chemicals.

14. Make Up For Ever HD Primer

This little primer sample was in the shade 0 Neutral. It had a consistency almost like a moisturizer, which was different from any other primers I've tried. I liked this primer but I prefer my Benefit POREfessional.

15. Lancome La Base Pro

This is a clear primer that I also liked but not as much as my regular primer.

16. Cover FX ClearPrep FX Matte Foundation Primer and Anti-Acne Treatment Gel

I wanted to love this primer but unfortunately it didn't really work for me. I found it sticky and not mattifying. My face also greases up a lot faster (and a lot more) when I use this product. I ended up finishing it but I really wanted to toss it when I was halfway through.

17. Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Nail Polish Remover

This product is ok but not as good as my Julep or my Paul & Joe nail polish removers (although I gotta say, the price is much much lower). It took me so long to finish this huge value size bottle!

18. Naked Princess Lip Gloss in Barely Cocoa

I loved the texture of this lip gloss - it felt very nice on the lips and is probably the least sticky lip gloss I have ever tried. The scent is ok and the colour was sheer but added a very pretty shine to my lips. The only thing I didn't like about this lip gloss (and it's a deal breaker) is that it is flavoured. That is basically the only reason I wouldn't purchase the full size.

19. Benefit They're Real Mascara

This sample was included in my September Topbox. I like this mascara a lot but I'm not sure I can justify the high price tag. I will probably stick to drug store mascara... that is, if I ever get through all my mascara samples!

Now that I've listed out all my November empties, I guess I went through a fair number of products this month... it's just that they were all tiny samples! I will have more full size products in my December empties.

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