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December 2012 Topbox - Unboxing and Review

Another disappointing box this month. Topbox has quickly fallen from its position as my favourite subscription service to being on the chopping block. This month, I received BOX-31.

Here is what I received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Goldwell Jelly Boost

This product is essentially a spray gel. The scent is quite nice and I've been wanting to try a spray gel. The back of the bottle indicates that this product is used "for creating instant body and texture for short hair styles" - I have long hair so I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this product but I was determined to find a use for it.

Impressions: I tried spraying a little of this gel on my roots to hopefully give me some root lift but it seemed to make my hair a little flatter than usual so it probably weighed it down. Now I am using this product to tame my flyaways. I spray 2-3 pumps into the palm of my hand and use my hands to smooth out all my crazy baby hairs. I'm going to see if my hubby wants to try this product as he uses hair gel on a regular basis.

full size // 150 mL // $18.95
sample size // 30 mL // approximate value of $3.79

2. Goldwell Sleek Perfection

This is essentially a heat protectant spray that is intended to be used when flat ironing your hair. I don't straighten my hair too often because I prefer wavy/curly hair on myself but I am hoping this will work even when curling my hair. I still haven't tried this product yet because I haven't heat styled my hair (I've been very lazy over the holidays) but I will definitely try it soon.

full size // 100 mL // $20.95
sample size // 20 mL // approximate value of $4.19

3. Pangea Organics Facial Cream with Nigerian Ginger, Sweet Lavender & Thyme

The first thing I noticed when I took out these packets was the small sample size. It took me a long time to get past this because Topbox has indicated several times that they were moving away from these types of foil samples. Now Topbox is saying that as long as a sample provides 2-3 uses, it will be considered a deluxe sample. I don't really agree with that. I typically classify a deluxe sample as providing 20% or more of the smallest available full size product. That being said, I do enjoy trying facial creams and I love the smell of lavender so I was hoping the sample would be to my liking. Pangea Cosmetics is based in Colorado.

Impressions: I thought this cream was decent. It is not my favourite but it did provide my skin with a reasonable amount of moisture overnight. While I do prefer a heavier cream in the winter, I think this one would be nice in the spring and summer. The scent is very strong but I did not find it unpleasant. I like that there is lavender in the cream as that provided me with a little aromatherapy when I went to bed. There was enough product for 2 uses from each of the packets.

full size // 30 mL // $16 (based on the smallest size available on the website)
sample size // 2 x 2 mL // approximately $2.13

4. Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3 Mineral Color in Suzie's Glow

This product is described as "a multi-use 100% mineral pigmented blush that adds long wearing color to cheeks, as well as lips, eyes and nails" and the shade we received is described as follows:

Created for and named after the founders Mom, who simply couldnt find a Blush to match her seasonal changing skin tone (and lipstick collection). A perfect marriage of warm and cool tones, Suzie's Glow is a perfect match for almost every woman, fair to dark, and everywhere in between. When in doubt, glow like Suzie does.

I generally like products that can be used for multiple purposes so I was pretty happy to try this product. The blush seemed to be packaged really sloppily though - it was a big mess when I opened it, with powder all around the lip of the little jar and in the threads of the container and the lid. I tried to save most of the product when I cleaned it up. It also would have been nice if a sifter were included to make this product more user friendly.

Impressions: I tried this product on my cheek and on my lips (see above video) and I really like it. The colour on my cheeks is really subtle and natural looking. On my lips, the shade is a really sweet, neutral, light pink. I mixed a tiny bit of the product in a clear lip gloss and applied it to my lips with a lip brush. At first, the product went on slightly goopy but once I rubbed my lips together, it settled in really nicely and no longer had a goopy appearance.

full size // 4 g // $17
sample size // 2 g (estimated) // approximately $8.50

As mentioned, I was disappointed with this month's Topbox. Being a holiday box, I thought there would have been something a little special about it - perhaps a bonus sample or even a small candy cane or something. The only indication that this was a holiday box was the red tube (which some subscribers did not receive) and red tissue. There was not even a note on the Topbox card wishing subscribers a happy holiday or thanking us for our business.

// Approximate value of the products in the December 2012 Topbox: $18.61 //

The January box is going to be what Topbox has dubbed the Privé box. This box will feature samples from a single brand. I am hoping this box will make up for a lacklustre December box. In future months, Topbox will periodically offer the option to subscribers to switch the regular Topbox to a Privé box - apparently, the brand and contents of the Privé box will be disclosed before subscribers make their choice.

What version of the Topbox did you receive this month? What did you think of the samples?

Note: I purchased this Topbox with my own money.

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