Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012 Julep Box

When the styles for the October Julep box were released, I was a little disappointed as most of the boxes contained a crackle polish. I've tried crackle polishes in the past and I'm not a huge fan (although I do like the one I received in my first Topbox). After a peek at Julep's Facebook page, I realized that I was not alone. Many mavens were unhappy with the choices for October and were planning to skip this month's box. Julep responded very quickly by presenting another option called Maven's Choice. This is the box I chose and I love it!

Here is what came inside the box:

1. A little bag of candy corn.

I've never tried candy corn before and I'm not really into these types of candies (I'm more of a chocolate bar gal) but my hubby was excited when he saw these. He'll probably be gobbling these up!

2. Nail polishes in Keira, Lisa, and Eloise.

All three nail polishes in the Maven's Choice box were cream polishes, which are my favourite so I was really happy.

Keira, originally from the Bombshell box, is described as a deep merlot red creme.
Lisa, originally from the Boho Glam box, is described as a warm pebble grey creme.
Eloise, originally from the American Beauty box, is described as a smokey indigo blue creme.

One thing I don't really like about Julep polishes is how they are named. I find it very difficult to remember the names because I don't develop a connection between the names of the polish and the colour. I'm all for naming polishes after people but perhaps it would help if Julep included a brief story behind each polish and why it was named after a particular person.

In terms of the formula, I find some of the Julep polishes a little goopier than normal. When you first open the polish, it is fine but then it's almost as if the polish thickens up immediately upon contact with the air. I remedy this by painting my nails as quickly as I can. I do my left hand, cap the bottle tightly, turn it upside down or put it on its side, then i do my right hand, cap the bottle tightly, turn it upside down or put it on its side. Then I repeat for a 2nd coat (or 3rd coat if necessary). I love most of my Julep colours and I always get a lot of compliments when I wear a Julep polish so I try to work with the thicker formulation.

Each bottle contains 8 mL of nail polish, which is quite a bit less compared to most nail polish brands, which include 13 to 15 mL. I love the shape of the Julep bottles though because they are so easy to store.

I'm wearing Eloise right now and I am so impressed by the colour. It has worn really well this weekend too - no chips!

3. Glitter pots in orange and black.

I really loved the little surprise we got in our Julep box this month. We received two glitter pots that we can use to glam up our nails. I have never applied loose glitter on my nails so I'm happy I will get to try it soon. Keeping with the theme of Halloween, we received glitter pots in orange and black.

That's basically it for my October Julep box. My bunny Truffle had a great time nibbling on the box and the crinkle paper. He made a mess (I don't have a photo of it but he literally pulled half the crinkle paper out of the box and spread it around) and then took off to explore elsewhere. GAAAAAH, I still love him. :)

Julep is $19.99 including shipping but you can preview months and skip as many boxes as you want. Julep's penny promotion is still going strong. Simply type in PENNY to get your first box for $0.01 including shipping! If you are interested in signing up to Julep and don't mind using my referral link, I would earn points and send heaps of good karma your way!

FTC: I used my referral credits in exchange for the October Julep box.

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