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October 2012 Glymm Bag - Unboxing & Review

UPDATE (April 2013): Please read my most recent post on Glymm before ordering from this company.

Glymm seems to have improved a lot this month so I was pleasantly surprised! I hope this continues in future months. October is breast cancer awareness month and Glymm themed this month's bag by including a pink cosmetic pouch, some information in the product card brochure (yes, the product cards are back!), and a pink ribbon.

I haven't done anything yet for breast cancer awareness month so it's time to give back! For every comment made on this blog post in the month of October, I'm going to donate $1 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. CBCF was rated with a B overall in the 2012 MoneySense ratings - looks like this charity needs to work on the % of funds going to programs but I am still going to support it. One comment per person per day will be counted and the maximum donation will be $300.

Here is what I received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Sari by Ocean Nail Polish in Paprika

Some of you may recall that I signed up for Glymm's nail polish promotion. Basically, if you sign up for a full year of Glymm bags, you will receive a full size nail polish every single month in addition to your regular 4-5 samples. I was sort of second-guessing my decision until I received this month's Glymm bag. I am very happy with my first nail polish under this promotion! Glymm mentioned that next month will be a different brand. I'm excited to see what it will be.

I've received one other Ocean nail polish in the past but I couldn't really find anything about this company online. I still can't! I really think all companies need to have some sort of web presence in this day and age. Anyway, I liked the colour of the Ocean nail polish from my March Glymm box but I have to say that this is one of the strongest smelling nail polish brands I own - except for my Seche Vite.

Impressions: While still strong smelling, I really loved this nail polish in paprika! It applies like a dream - only one coat for opacity but I used two anyway because sometimes my brush strokes are uneven. I love the colour as well and did not have anything like it in my collection.

full size and sample size // 15 mL // $12 (note: this shade is currently available in a set of 3 on the glymm website for $24 but I used the price of a single polish)

Sorry for my huge hand in this next photo!

2. Johnson's Baby Oil

This item did not count towards our 4-5 deluxe samples - it was a bonus item, which Glymm included to promote its upcoming Glymm Mama box. I think Glymm Mama will be similar to Glymm Man but geared towards mothers and mothers-to-be. An interesting concept but I wonder if Glymm will basically include the same samples as the regular Glymm subscription? It looked like there was a lot of duplication in samples under Glymm Man and I would have been really disappointed if I had subscribed to that for my hubby.

I've since read that Johnson's baby oil is pure mineral oil but apparently it won't clog pores. I'm still trying to navigate my way around different ingredients but it's tough given all the misinformation on the web and not to mention my lack of scientific knowledge!

Impressions: I've never actually used baby oil or even had it in my home so I was interested to try this product. I've been reading and hearing a lot about using oil to remove your make-up (cleansing oils and plain ole olive oil) so I tried it right away. It did a pretty good job at removing all my eye make-up including my mascara. It was also very gentle on my eyes, which is something I've been having trouble with when I use other cleansers. I used a damp paper towel to remove the residue after cleansing.

full size // 414 mL // $4.49
sample size // 88 mL // approximate value of $0.95

3. Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme

When I initially took out this product, I was super excited because I thought it was a generous sized sample of body butter! Turns out this is actually creme for your hair. Oh, but not everyone's hair... this creme is intended for big, beautiful, curly, kinky, frizzy hair... aka the hair I wish I had. My hair is pretty much the polar opposite. Just in case you think I'm exaggerating, check out the photo gallery from the Miss Jessie's website.

Impressions: I was still interested in trying this product so I thought maybe I could use this to tame my flyaways. It definitely worked but this product doesn't have any hold so I still had to use a hairspray to keep my hair in place. The texture is very slick, likely due to the petroleum and mineral oil ingredients, but it's also very light in texture - it's a very soft creamy feeling. I've read some bad reviews about the scent but it didn't bother me. I've only tried this product once and I'm not sure I will be using this frequently.

travel size and sample size // 2 oz // $9

4. Cyber Derm H20 Hydration

Glymm has sampled Cyber Derm in the past - these were the samples that came in oral syringes. Perhaps the feedback for the syringes was not good because these new samples are quite different! They are in small aluminum tubes and mine look like they have been squeezed a little. I have to say that I prefer the syringes!

Impressions: I tried the H2O Hydration sample when it was included in my July Glymm bag. Basically, I liked it but it didn't wow me.

full size // 50 mL // $60
sample size // 3 mL (estimated) // approximately $3.60

5. Cyber Derm Every Morning Sun Whip with SPF 25

I was actually really excited to receive this sample. I was bummed last time because we didn't get to try this, especially with Cyber Derm being "The Sunscreen Company" - so you'd think we would have received a sunscreen! I was actually considering purchasing the sunscreen but I thought the price point was a little high and I wasn't sure I would like the product. I've only swatched this product on the back of my hand (I was running late on Friday morning and forgot about it so I used one of my regular sunscreens instead) and it felt light and easy to apply. I'm still interested in trying Cyber Derm's Simply Zinc Sun Whip in SPF 30.

full size // 50 mL // $38
sample size // 3 mL (estimated) // approximately $2.28

6. Femme Couture Lightning Lash Mascara in Midnight Black

I had never heard of this brand of mascara so I was happy to give it a try. It looks like Femme Couture makes a few funky mascara colours including blue and purple. I used to love blue mascara but now that I'm a little older, I tend to prefer black. This mascara has a small brush - I generally prefer bigger brushes but these small ones are starting to grow on me.

Impressions: Despite the mixed reviews online, I quite liked this mascara. I found the formulation a little thin but it worked to reasonably lengthen and thicken my lashes without clumping or smudging. I'm not sure I would purchase this product at $14 but I did see it on Sally Beauty Supply online for $8.99.

full size and sample size // 11.3 g // $14

6. The Lash Card

This is a novelty product that I would probably never use. It's basically a card with a cutout you place between your eyelid and your lashes that's supposed to allow you to put on your mascara without clumping or smudging it. Maybe I'll give it a try one day but I am not very coordinated so I think it might be awkward for me to hold this cardboard paper to my eye while applying mascara.

full size // 10 cards // $6.99
sample size // 2 cards // approximately $1.40

I was very happy with the Glymm bag this month! As mentioned, since this was a breast cancer awareness themed box, Glymm also included a pink ribbon, which I've already pinned onto my jacket. One other thing I wanted to mention was that Glymm brought back the project card. HOORAY! I like getting the product card because it makes the bag feel a little more complete to me. I also like that it's finally a sign that Glymm is actually listening to us! :)

Also keeping in theme with breast cancer awareness month, we received a pink cosmetic bag in quilted patent faux leather. This might be the last month for the quilted bags so I'm curious to see what we'll get next month. I'm still hoping for a red bag sometime soon.

// Approximate value of the products in the October 2012 Glymm bag: $43.23 //

I am also glad this month was good because I recommended the nail polish promotion to my bestie so she subscribed for a year! It was fun comparing nail polish colours this month - she got beauty queen - a very on-trend vampy dark red. I can't wait to see it on her! I'm not sure if the nail polish promotion is still on but if you're interested, you can check out my blog post.

Did you receive a Glymm bag this month? If so, what did you think of the samples?

If you wish to join Glymm through my invitation, I will earn 50 points and send heaps of good karma your way!

Note: I paid for this subscription with my own money.

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