Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Glossybox Canada Pricing

When I first read the e-mail about the new Glossybox Canada pricing, I wasn't quite sure what to think. On one hand, I wanted to cancel my subscription. On the other hand, I was hopeful that the boxes would finally start to match the caliber of some of the Glossyboxes offered in other countries. The e-mail notification we received above was pretty vague and I had a few questions, which I e-mailed to Glossybox Canada as follows:

In the meantime, I also did some research on the company's Facebook page and was encouraged by replies from Glossybox to the effect that the boxes would be increasing in quality. However, when I received a response to my e-mail from customer service, I kinda felt like I was being given the runaround:

This response really confused me because I thought Glossybox charged one month in advance per this screenshot, which I just took today (October 9). Note that the $15 price is still on the website so "all new subscribers" aren't really paying the increased price.

Since I wasn't really satisfied with the original response, I tried again.

The response I received next was a little more direct, which I appreciated.

I looked at my history of payments and the response I received from customer service appears to be correct (oopsie!) - while it didn't start out that way, Glossybox seems to now be billing in the same month that the box is received. I guess that also means that the website is incorrect? Still a bit confusing but at least I know I didn't make an extra payment somewhere. The part about the refund was news to me but very good to know.

All that being said, the line that stood out to me the most in the response was this one:

we currently do not think that we have "drugstore" brands in our box, however some may say that we do

For real? I know Glossybox has been inundated with feedback from subscribers on the price change and, to be fair, I received a very prompt reply to my inquiries. I know the definition of drug store brand can be a difference of opinion but this part of the response was oddly infuriating to me. I think it's because I feel Glossybox is always trying to gloss over (heh) the issues raised by subscribers.

I also wish Glossybox had grandfathered the current price for existing subscribers for a little while longer but I have a feeling the company does not mind losing a few of us. With a 40% increase in price, Glossybox could essentially lose around 28.5% of subscribers without taking a hit in the overall revenue. Will a larger percentage of subscribers cancel? It appears so from the Facebook page but I suspect there is still a large majority who will pay the higher price.

As for myself, I will pay the $15 grandfathered price for the October box but, depending on the contents, I will likely cancel in either November or February (I might stick it out to see if Glossybox will send an extra for its one year anniversary box). While I love the surprise of beauty boxes, I think I would rather save the $21 each month to purchase a full-size product that I really love. Or I may try some of the other subscription services out there like Beauty Box 5, which seems to have improved and is still reasonably priced.

What do you think of the price increase? Will you stay subscribed to Glossybox?

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