Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Yesterday was a bit of a weird day for me. Hubs and I cleaned out our locker and filled up the trunk of our rental car with numerous items to donate. One of those items was my wedding dress. Part of me wanted to donate my dress to an organization like The Brides' Project but I was afraid I would change my mind if I waited too long... stuff has a way of working its way back into my closet over time... so we went ahead and dropped off my dress at Goodwill with the rest of our stuff.

I was a little wistful at first but now that I've had a day to think about it, I'm glad I was able to part with my dress. Some of you may know that I purchased my dress second hand from a slightly-smaller-than-me girl who also happened to live in the same neighbourhood as me (it was kismet, I tell ya) so I didn't pay full price... and I didn't require any alterations! Knowing my dress was loved twice made it a little easier to part with it.

I kept my veil and my Chinese dresses... they don't take up as much room and I definitely wasn't ready to part with everything. :)

To my married readers, do you still have your wedding dress? What did you do with it after your big day and would you ever consider parting with it?

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