Sunday, August 12, 2012

weekend getaway // montreal

my hubby and i took the train to Montreal last weekend (during the civic holiday long weekend in august)... this is just a little video on what i packed. thanks for watching! :)

here are the outfits i ended up wearing...

day 1 - olive cotton dress + brown belt + long cardigan + flip flops (train travel)
day 1 - white top tied in the front + grey & cream skirt + flip flops (day)
day 1 - pink dress + flat sandals (night)

day 2 - orange tube top + long silk skirt + flip flops (day)
day 2 - black "lingerie" dress + brown belt + black cover-up + nude high heels (night)

day 3 - striped tank (new) + neon pink bandeau + high waisted shorts + flip flops (day)
day 3 - black cotton dress + brown belt + long cardigan + flip flops (train travel)

i only ended up buying 2 pieces of clothing - the striped tank i wore on day 3 and a long sleeve top with horses all over it. yay for self control!

we've been to montreal a few times now so we didn't feel the need to do a lot of sightseeing. that was very liberating as we were able to sleep in, take naps, plan our trip around yummy restaurants, shop, walk around familiar neighbourhoods, and enjoy our hotel. it doesn't make for a very interesting trip but, in case you are still interested, a few of our trip photos are below. :)

our hotel had three ferraris and a rolls royce parked out front. hubby liked this. a lot.

we went to le cartet for brunch and it was alright. i think hubby was expecting more food for the price.

dinner though. dinner was absolutely delicious! we went to au cinquième péché, which was an absolutely amazing restaurant... great ambiance, super friendly hosts, delicious food. i loved it.

we shared the petite poutine aux merguez de phoque / seal merguez poutine.

hubby had (and raved about) the onglet de boeuf, escargots, échalotes et pommes dauphine / prime cut of beef, escargots, shallots and dauphine potatoes. it was cooked to perfection.

i had the fish special. sea bass. i don't remember any thing else about the dish except for the almondine butter sauce. it was delicious but surprisingly filling.

the next day, we went to tourtière australienne. hubby and i shared a steak & cheese pie and a butter chicken pie. yummy!

then we took a hike up mont royal to la croix... where hubby proposed... uhhh... around 4 years ago! the area around la croix looks really really different from what i remember. much more grungy.

we had dinner at europea, which was a very nice experience! it seemed a little touristy but the food was fun to eat and quite delicious.

hubby is puffing on a "cheese cigar" - presented to us in a humidor.

these little napkins came in tablet form. the waitress poured hot water on them and they expanded to little tubes. good thing she told us they were napkins otherwise we would have eaten them. we're classy like that.

the little dish on the right was hubby's absolute favourite... lobster cream cappuccino with truffle shavings. gaaaah.

this little pre-appetizer snack came in a hollow book that was filled with hickory smoke.

at long last... my appetizer! tagliatelle of calamari carbonara with poached quail egg, squid ink and garlic butter croutons.

hubby had bison tartare and it was so so so good.

after a refreshing palette cleanser, our main dishes were served. hubby got the slowly braised veal cheeks with chef's way citrus flavoured sauce, fondant potatoes, and parsnip purée with a parmesan cheese emulsion.

i ordered the parmesan-crusted north shore deep-sea scallops with a lemon-herb potato dressing and upside-down carmine leaves.

so many desserts! the basil cream dessert was delicious. we also got a little takeaway container of madeleines to take away.

full. happy.

last day in montreal.

we went to poutineville for lunch. yummy but so so so filling.

i think our waitress was surprised that we finished it all. that happens a lot.

i wasn't going to include this photo but hubby was so excited to visit this camera store. i liked how it looked like someone behind him was poking him in the neck (not taken like this on purpose).

and that was our weekend in montreal! :)

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