Friday, August 3, 2012

belated birthday dinner

my hubby took me out for a belated birthday dinner recently! my birthday was in may so it was a little more belated than usual. i've wanted to try ruby watchco for a long time so we decided that would be the place. after a few failed attempts at getting a reservation (calling late in the week is not advised), we finally got a call on a sunny saturday afternoon offering us a table for 2 at 9:00 that same evening. yes!!! i screamed on text when hubby told me. i may or may not have screamed in person too.

if you haven't been to ruby watchco, i highly recommend it. it's open tuesday to saturday and the menus change daily (but are posted in advance for the week on the website). lynn crawford seems to be in the restaurant on a fairly regular basis and i loved watching her work and interact with guests. the restaurant is very lively so while it's not a romantic dinner out, it is absolutely perfect for those who love excellent food, great wine, and a energetic atmosphere.

p.s. this was the day i got my digital perm - can you tell the difference in my hair? it's a little bit wavy but all the curls have pretty much since disappeared. :( i have an appointment to go back to the salon later today.

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