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august glymm bag - 2012

UPDATE (April 2013): Please read my most recent post on Glymm before ordering from this company.

glymm was the first to ship this month! it was also the first to arrive, despite the fact that it took a week to arrive.

i made a change to my personal rating system because i felt like there was a category missing. for my beauty box comparison, which will be updated once i've received all my august subscriptions, i will be revising all previous ratings to reflect this new system:

4 - loved the product - would repurchase
3 - liked the product - might or might not repurchase
2 - product was okay - might or might not repurchase
1 - disliked the product - would not repurchase

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. naked princess naked shine luscious lip gloss in barely coco

when i initially saw this product, i thought it was a perfume sample. i was very pleased when i realized it was actually a lip gloss... even though the sample is teeny tiny. i had never heard of naked princess. upon further research, i discovered it is a lingerie company that also offers beauty products. the beauty products are all paraben free and cruelty free. in addition, the lip gloss appears to be safe to ingest, which the website states is important because a woman can ingest up to 2 pounds of lip products in her lifetime. yikes! i love that the website includes lip swatches of the glosses on a lighter skin tone and on a darker skin tone. that certainly helps me visualize how the lip gloss will look on me. i wish more companies would include this.

impressions: i really really love the formulation of this lip gloss. it is probably the least sticky lip gloss i've ever tried and it just feels great on. the gloss is very lightly pigmented and gave me a very pretty nude lip. there was also a nice shine to the gloss. i didn't notice any plumping properties, which was fine by me. the gloss has a nice sweet scent. the only thing i did not like about the lip gloss was the flavour. i have a pet peeve with flavoured lip products and this one made my stomach turn. it was sweet but also a little plastic-y. boo.

full size // 0.1 fl oz // $26
sample size // 0.008 fl oz // approximate value of $2.08

2. benta berry g-1 moisturizing face cream for boys and girls

this is the sample that glymm previewed on its facebook page. when i researched the product, i became a little wary about trying the it. it was sampled in the february birchbox and not very well reviewed at all. i believe some bloggers noted that the product broke them out.

impressions: upon first use, i thought the cream was on the heavy side but still quite silky and smooth. as i continued to rub the product into my face, the cream started balling up and i was left with a huge mess. i think i eventually rubbed all the product off my face! the scent is ok - apparently the fragrance was designed by a famous perfumer. after recording the video review, i tried the product again and the balling up was less apparent this time but i still found the texture odd. it feels a little sticky and gritty. it reminded me of the olay regenerist wrinkle revolution complex from my june glossybox. i'm actually glad we received a tiny sample because i'm not a fan of this product.

full size // 30 mL // $22
sample size // 3 mL // approximate value of $2.20

3. vitamine & sea mineral clay mask

i don't know why i kept calling this a mud mask... maybe because it looks like mud. i was initially very excited to try this. i absolutely love masks. they, like bubble baths, really make me feel like i am pampering myself.

impressions: the texture of this clay mask is very hard. i literally had to dig my finger into the product to get it out of the jar. it was difficult to spread over my face and it felt very drying. perhaps i was using the product incorrectly but it didn't come with any directions... on the sample, on the online product "card", or on the vitamine & sea website. the scent is not too pleasant - it smells earthy and sulfuric. i left the mask on for 10-15 minutes and washed it off. my skin felt ok but not as great as it usually feels with other masks. it felt a lot more dry than usual. the one thing i liked about this mask was that it seemed to make my blackheads less visible. perhaps it's because it literally leeched all the moisture out of my face, including the oil. i may use this again if my hubby doesn't want to try it but i will not be repurchasing this product.

full size // 210 mL // $62
sample size // 5 mL (estimated) // approximately $1.48

4. mai couture blush papier in prettyful

i previously received the mai couture blot & bronze papier in my february glymm bag. i thought the product was ok but i was more interested to try the blush sheets so i'm glad i received these in my glymm bag this month. similar to the bronzing sheets, i cut the blush sheets in half so i could get 4 uses out of them. :)

impressions: the prettyful shade left a pretty pink tone on my cheeks but i felt that the pigmentation was too light, it looked a bit splotchy, and it was a little too much work to apply the product. these might be handy to have on the go. i didn't like that there was so much shimmer on the sheets - it got all over my hands but surprisingly i did not notice it on my cheeks. i like that the blush sheets are paraben free and talc free but i still prefer more conventional (powder and cream) blush.

full size // 50 sheets // $19
sample size // 2 sheets // approximately $0.76

5. coccolily nail polish in provocative

this was the last product i pulled out and when i saw this sitting in the bottom of my glymm bag, i became super excited. this really made the bag for me. i had never heard of coccolily - it is a designer label by naana tennachie yankey, which features clothing, nail polish, and handbag collections.

impressions: i hope this nail polish line gets stocked in the glymm boutique because i want to try some of the other colours! the camera does not do the provocative shade any justice. in real life, it is such a bright and vibrant neon pink colour. i got many compliments on my nails today. the polish was also pretty much a dream to apply. it was close to opaque in one coat. due to the neon pigments, it seemed to dry halfway between matte and glossy - i was a little confused as to the finish so i tried both a matte and glossy topcoat to see which i would like better. by far, the glossy! i absolutely love this nail polish - it's possibly my favourite one i've ever received from the beauty boxes.

full size and sample size // 15 mL // $12

overall, i really liked my glymm bag this month. besides the nail polish, i also really liked the beauty bag that all the products came in. this month, we received a black faux patent leather bag with a diamond shape quilted pattern. i think it is so chic and i would probably even use it as a wallet clutch. i also really liked the lip gloss, although the flavour is most unfortunate. again, glymm has come through with samples from some interesting niche brands.

i have to note, however, that not all subscribers received the nail polish. there were two other variations of the bag that i noticed when reading other reviews: (A) included the nume hydro punch hydrating conditioner instead of the nail polish... i had previously sampled the conditioner in my may glymm bag; (B) included the atelier cologne in vanille insensée and the laundress delicate wash detergent instead of the nail polish.

besides the value of this month's glymm bag being much lower than previous months, there was a large differential in the value of the glymm bags, which makes me uncomfortable because that was one of the reasons i decided not to subscribe to luxebox. nevertheless, since i liked my glymm bag this month, i am going to stay subscribed and see what happens in september.

// approximate value of the products in the august 2012 glymm box: $18.52 not including the bag //

last thing i want to mention is the product card. the online link that we used in previous months contained a message that our product information will be e-mailed directly to us. this was due to the many variations in the bag this month. it will be interesting to see if this continues next month. here are the screenshots for my products:

what did you think of the glymm bag this month?

before i go, i just want to mention that i entered the essence summer look contest. basically, i created a 3 minute video showing a summer look using only essence cosmetics products. i need 25 votes by midnight est on august 18 (today!) to move to the judging round. i would really appreciate it if you could vote for me. just click here to vote for my video... thank you so much! :)

ftc: i paid for the august glymm box and nothing was sent to me for free.


  1. Oh my God, this is the 3rd time I write my comment, the baby keeps pressing something!

    About 15 minutes ago I clicked on your picture to go to the voting about 7x only to figure out so much later that I just needed to click on the link. It's one of those mornings.

    I had the same experience with the Benta Berry the first time I used it. It didn't absorb well and dried right on my face, rubbing off when I touched my face. Just not normal. It's like the defective Ombrelle sunscreen they reimbursed me for. Like you wrote, it's a good thing it was only 3ml. I wouldn't want to keep using this for longer than that. I'm not even done my sample and I'm pretty sure I'm done trying this product.

    That polish is a really vibrant, bright colour, really nice! I'm glad you got the polish, it does make the bag! If I had much more gloss, that would've done it for me because I really liked it, but could only use it for 2 days and it's done.

    1. thank you SO much for voting for me! :) i tried to make the photo clickable but i didn't know how to do it.

      that is so weird about the benta berry. i've never had a cream do that. i don't think i have much left in my tube but it's probably going bye-bye anyway.

      i saw that you received the barely coral lip gloss... i think i would have preferred that one! and i too would have liked a bigger sample. when i look in the tube, there is hardly any product in there!

  2. I'd want this month just for the bag, lol! The nail polish sounds interesting especially if you can get away with one coat.

    1. haha! i'm so used to putting on 2-3 coats of nail polish now that i was pretty impressed that one coat was almost opaque. i was working with a sheer white polish last week and i actually put on 6 coats (it still wasn't opaque). that's 8 coats including the base & top coat, i.e., way too much work.

  3. Seriously annoyed that the bag I got had a TINY perfume sample instead of a full-sized nail polish. I wouldn't normally do this, but I'm definitely emailing Glymm about this. That nail polish has got to be worth about 4 times as much as the perfume sample. I'm all for having variations in the bags, but at least try to keep the value SOMEWHAT close.

    1. i do not blame you for being annoyed... i would be too! i can understand slight variations but i think the value needs to be close as well.

  4. Can't reply to your comment for some reason. I emailed Glymm to complain, so I'll let you know what they say!

    1. I'm very interested to hear what they say... please do let me know! :)

    2. So glymm responded super quickly! I won't post the whole email because it's kind of long. Basically they apologized for my frustration without really apologizing for the disparity. They also very nicely added some points to my account, which I appreciate.
      So now I'm planning on holding off on canceling until I see the September bag, but I just got confirmation that I'm FINALLY off the waitlist for TopBox, so I might cancel Glymm in the end anyways.

    3. that's great that glymm responded promptly and it was also nice that they gave you some points! thank you for letting me know! now i'm even more interested to see what september will bring... :)

  5. I got a full-sized Mai Couture lipgloss and full-sized Principessa hand cream this month instead of the laundry soap or nail polish. Also came with small perfume, face mask, face cream and tiny lip gloss. BEST BEAUTY BAG EVER :)

    1. Wow that's awesome... you got a great bag!!! :)

  6. I am really happy with my products for sure. I really do love that glymm has niche brands and things I wouldn't find other places. After getting it I did see what others meant about the slight disappointment. I realized, there was no full size product this time! Well, not in my bag and others in my version. But maybe glymm has a way of evening it out for september?

    I was very excited about the mask, it was convenient as I wound up with a little white friend this morning and as I am very very cautious to put anything drying on my face ever I had nothing at home to really help dry it out. This stuff pretty much wiped it out! It definitely is drying, it's very obviously a clay mask. But I am happy to have received it as I seem to have found its true purpose!

    I'm not sure if I will re purchase anything this month but I am interested to get into the conditioner since I have been looking for a good one for my ombré hair...

    1. oh! that's a great idea to use the mask to dry out little breakouts. i think i will try that instead of using it all over my face. i've never used a clay mask before so i had no idea it would be so drying haha! i think i slathered on 2-3 products afterward to try to put the moisture back into my face. :)

      i totally agree that i love glymm for niche brands that i've never heard of or seen before. i feel so "in the know" hehe. i really liked my bag this month... but hopefully there won't be as much variation in future months...

  7. Ahh.. cute blog! here is what I got... I've had it for a year now and it's been getting worse and worse.... although, I was very lucky with mine

    1. i'm coming up to a year in december... not sure yet if i'm going to keep it or cancel. off to check out your post!


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