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july topbox - 2012

my topbox arrived on july 10 - this company is really on top of things with shipping!

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. china glaze nail lacquer in purple panic (neon)

after my crazy nail polish shopping sprees of late, it was ironic when i opened up my topbox and found yet another nail polish to add to my collection. thankfully, i don't have a lot of neon nail polishes and this colour was right up my alley. on my july topbox survey, i answered, "surprise me" on the nail polish question so i lucked out when i received a colour i actually liked. this does not look purple to me but rather a bright fuchsia.

impressions: i love this nail polish colour. my quick swatch revealed a nicely pigmented bright neon fuchsia shade with a matte finish. the colour is intense and it makes me happy. i'd wear this shade matte (so pretty) or with a glossy topcoat to make it shine.

full size and sample size // 14 mL // $8 (the card shows $10-$14 but china glaze is typically priced at around $8 at the toronto barber & beauty supply)
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

2. nume hydro punch hydrating shampoo

i received the nume hydro punch hydrating conditioner in my may glymm bag - i guess i should have saved that sample so i could use the shampoo & conditioner together. this product contains sage extract, bamboo extract, and argan oil.

impressions: when i tried the conditioner from my glymm bag, i thought it was ok but i did not fancy the smell. the verdict is pretty much the same with the shampoo. it was alright but the scent was way too strong. i also found my hair a little more tangled the next day. i will finish using this sample (i will probably end up getting 2 to 3 uses out of it) but would not repurchase this product.

full size // 250 mL // $24.99
sample size // 20 mL // approximate value of $2
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

3. pure+simple calming cucumber mask

i've loved everything i've tried from pure+simple so i was really happy to receive the cucumber mask in my topbox. i'm working my way through samples of the organic lavender hydrosol, collagen elastin plus, and face colour in soleil - plus i tried a few of the moisturizers, lotions, and creams when i was at the beauty board.

impressions: i didn't like that there were no directions for use on the sample or on the topbox card. after i put it all over my face, i looked up the directions online and learned i had to leave it on for at least 30 minutes. i also could have slept with it on. unlike other masks, this one goes on clear and feels very light. it also doesn't make your skin feel super tight as it dries. it has a bit of a sticky texture. after 30 minutes, i rinsed off the product and my skin was super soft! i really loved how gentle this product was - yet it still made my skin feel noticeably smoother. this is unlike any mask i've ever tried and i absolutely loved it.

here are the directions for use for the mask:

- apply to entire face and neck after cleansing + toning
- leave on skin to penetrate for 30 minutes
- best if used after exfoliating (as long as skin is not irritated)
- rinse off and pat dry

this product can be used as:

- an eye mask to relieve puffy eyes and dark circles
- a cooling treatment for irritated skin conditions such as sunburn and rosacea
- an overnight treatment (to be washed off the next morning)

the pure+simple website describes this product as a deeply soothing gel mask that infuses moisture without the use of oils. also, you can refrigerate the mask before applying it - i want to try this!

dear topbox: more pure+simple samples please! :)

full size // 50 mL // $25.25
sample size // 20 mL // approximately $10.10
personal rating // 3 // loved the product - would repurchase

4. sampar ultra hydrating fluid

i've heard of this brand before but don't know much about it. i wasn't even sure what this sample was - initially, i thought it was a serum but after using the product a couple of times, it feels more like a face cream or moisturizer.

impressions: i find the scent a little strong but it is otherwise ok. the cream feels very moisturizing. after applying the product, it left my skin looking a little shiny (and feeling a little sticky) as it did not seem to absorb quickly. however, in the morning, my skin looked and felt great - i'm not sure if it was due to this particular product or a combination of different products. based on how much i've used so far, i expect to get around 3-4 uses out of each sample packet - so even though the sample looks small, i think it is a reasonable size.

full size // 50 mL // $80
sample size // 2 mL x 2 packets // approximately $6.40
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

after being disappointed by the june topbox, i was pretty happy with this month's box. my favourite product was the pure+simple calming cucumber mask, followed by the china glaze neon nail polish. i am also happy to try the sampar product, even though i've read that you can request these samples for free directly from the company - i never think to do that but maybe i should! i liked the variety of brands and products included in this month's topbox.

oh, we also received a $100 gift certificate to use towards nume professional styling tools or hair extensions. this is the second time i've received this gift certificate (first one being in my april glymm box). i haven't used the one from glymm and i'm not sure i'll use this one either. if i use the code, i'd probably have to spend $50 to $100 after shipping - and that doesn't even include any custom fees that might apply. :( also, i question the pricing on the website if nume can afford to give away thousands of $100 gift certificates (they have made appearances in myglam, glymm, and now topbox). anyway, the promo code expires october 31, 2012 so i still have time to change my mind.

// approximate value of the products in the july 2012 topbox: $26.50 //

what did you think of this month's topbox?

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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