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july 2012 glymm bag

UPDATE (April 2013): Please read my most recent post on Glymm before ordering from this company.

the july glymm bag didn't wow me at first but i quickly changed my mind as i tried out all the samples. we received an orange make-up bag this month. read (or watch) on for my review of the products!

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. cyberderm h2o hydration

the cyberderm samples came packaged in syringes. yes, syringes! i am still undecided on how i feel about this. i really like innovative and unique packaging but looking at these samples makes me feel a little bit uneasy... and i'm not even afraid of needles! the syringes have cyberderm labels on them, which cover the line reading, "for oral use only." this company was started by 2 physicians, which gives us some insight as to the packaging.

cyberderm calls itself "the sunscreen company" and i was very excited when i read that because i thought i received 2 sunscreen samples. i was disappointed when i saw that we had actually received 2 moisturizers / anti-aging products. then i was confused when i couldn't find any sunscreens for sale on the cyberderm website. the sunscreen company?! further research revealed that the sunscreens (which are called sun whips) are coming soon. i'd be interested in trying the simply zinc sun whip. i'm hoping it will be reasonably priced.

anyway, h2o hydration is a daily moisturizer and anti-aging product. it was easy to dispense the product from the syringe.

impressions: i really like the h2o hydration sample. the moisturizer absorbs very quickly into my skin and is non-greasy; however, i probably would not repurchase this product. i did not notice enough of a difference between this product and my other moisturizers to justify the high price tag.

full size // 50 mL // $60
sample size // 5 mL (estimated) // approximate value of $6
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

2. cyberderm pm anti-age

the cyberderm website describes the pm anti-age as follows: Chromosomal telomeres (the end portions of our DNA) shorten with age, stress and oxidative/UV damage. The active ingredient Renovage has been clinically shown to prevent telomere shortening in skin cells. Collagen and elastin fibers are like springs in a mattress that support the skin from below. Renovage increases the life span of these very important fibers. Turmeric, also found in our PM Anti-Age, brightens the skin and makes it radiate from within. The purified molecule EUK 134 mops up free radicals continuously. The results- a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and pore size and healthier, more hydrated skin.

impressions: unfortunately, i did not like this product due to the scent. i think some people liked it but to me, it has a very strong and unpleasant medicinal scent.

full size // 50 mL // $115
sample size // 5 mL (estimated) // approximate value of $11.50
personal rating // 1 // disliked the product - would not repurchase

3. dirt beaute purify + glow salt scrub

i have never tried a salt scrub so i was pretty happy to receive this. this is a body scrub with a very pleasant cucumber and fig scent.

impressions: i didn't want to use the entire sample all at once so i just tried it on my feet as they are in serious need of some tlc! i used the product in the shower on the tops, heels, and balls of my feet. the salt was fine in texture and dissolved very quickly, leaving a oily residue on the skin. my feet felt very moisturized after using the scrub - my skin also looked brighter. i am happy with this scrub but undecided about whether i would repurchase it. i might try to make my own. :)

full size // 12 oz // $45
sample size // 0.5 oz // approximately $1.88
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

4. mane teeze hair perfume in social butterfly

i wasn't sure what to think when i first saw this product. the scent was pleasant enough - a blend of vanilla and coconut. as i researched this product a little more, i found that this product was the brainchild of two ladies (tara & melanie) who own 4 blo blow dry bar franchises. i have heard a little bit about blo - and was actually thinking about trying the service - so i became really intrigued by the hair perfume.

there are three scents available: black widow (dark amber), haut mess (chocolate caramel), and the one we received, social butterfly (vanilla coconut). you only have to spray 1 to 3 spritzes as the formula is apparently more concentrated than most of the fragrances you would wear on your skin. the product does contain alcohol but is supposedly gentler for your hair than a regular eau de toilette.

impressions: i really really really like the social butterfly hair perfume. it smells amazing and lasts a very long time (although i didn't find it lasted the advertised 12 hours... then again, i only used 2 spritzes). no scent headaches. i felt like a lady when wearing this. a fancy lady. :)

full size // 50 mL // $34
sample size // 8 mL // approximately $5.44
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

5. joico k-pak revitaluxe

while i don't mind receiving haircare products because they are so useful, i wasn't too excited about this product because i've tried a lot of conditioners and treatments from beauty boxes and i've never been wowed. this is a protein treatment so i read that you should only use it once a week as too much protein can make your hair dry and brittle. to use this product, you shampoo as normal and then apply the treatment for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it out.

impressions: i used this last night and ohmygoodness i could not believe the difference in my hair today. it is so soft and silky and super duper straight. it also seemed to stay fresher longer - less greasy and slightly more voluminous. i lovelovelove this treatment! the product smells pretty good too - it reminds me of something i can't place.

full size // 150 mL // $25
sample size // 50 mL // approximately $8.33
personal rating // 3 // loved the product - would repurchase

overall, even though i was disappointed when i first opened the glymm bag, i ended up being pretty happy with the samples. while we didn't receive any full size products, all of the samples were reasonable in size. my favourite product was the joico treatment... and i was probably least excited about that sample when i first opened the glymm bag! again, glymm has provided quite a few surprises in terms of brands and products included, which i really like about this subscription service. i love being able to try a whole bunch of brands i have never seen and products i would never have thought to purchase for myself.

we also received a coupon code for 25% off nail polishes from the glymm beauty boutique but i seem to have misplaced it. i wasn't planning to use it anyway as i've amassed way too much nail polish in the past few weeks.

// approximate value of the products in the july 2012 glymm bag: $33.15 not including the nylon bag //

what did you think of this month's glymm bag?

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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