Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 goals // june update

here is my june goals update video... i cannot believe we are already more than halfway through 2012!

1. photo-a-day project of hubby and me.
- i thought i had photos every day in june but i actually missed june 17, which happened to be both father's day and the day we came back from paris. gaaah!
- 97%.

2. 100 day 1 year thrifting challenge.
- i went thrifting in june! haul will be posted shortly (i have to shorten the lining in one of my new-to-me wool skirts).
- 75%.

3. savings goal + rewards!
- i'm almost at 40% but i already bought myself my reward. i had my eye on a purse in paris and, since it was a lot less expensive there than it would be in toronto, i bit the bullet and purchased it. i am 100% sure i will hit the 50% threshold anyway so it is just a timing issue. yes, that's right.

4. one new beauty product per month.
- i still haven't decided how i'm going to modify this goal but i didn't buy very much in the month of june.
- 0%.

5. one litre of water per day.
- i'm still doing well with the water but not so much with the raw vegetarian diet. in fact, as of june, i would say i'm as bad with food as i've ever been (i.e., eating almost exclusively junk). :(
- 50% because i can't in good consciousness give myself a good score even though i've been drinking enough water.

6. figure out the mess that is my hair.
- i didn't really learn any new styles in june but i've been playing around with the ocean spritz from my june glossybox and i also wore the nume feather hair extensions from my march glymm box.
- 50%.

7. decorate, de-clutter & re-organize.
- in june, we replaced our last shag rug in our condo... hooray! i also organized by handbags but i feel like there is still so much to do. i better pick it up in the 2nd half of 2012.
- 80%.

8. keep a better record of events.
- 100%.

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