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june topbox - 2012

my june topbox arrived when i was away on vacation so i am very very late with my unboxing and review.

starting this month, i'm including my personal rating for each of the products based on the following system:

3 - loved the product - would repurchase
2 - liked the product - might or might not repurchase
1 - disliked the product - would not repurchase

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. simple eye make up remover

this is the second time i've received the simple eye make up remover in one of my beauty boxes. the first time i tried this product was when i received a sample in my may glossybox. i've been using this product pretty consistently and it removes all traces of my eye make up. i find it gentle but i accidentally got this product in my eye one day and it stung - lesson learned.

impressions: i like this product but i have a lot of eye make up remover to use up! i'll probably either give this sample to my sisters or put it aside for the next time i go on vacation.

full size // 125 mL // $9.99
sample size // 56 mL // approximate value of $4.48
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

2. garnier miracle skin perfector bb cream in light

i received 3 sample packets of this bb cream in my june topbox. the shade on the packet is "light" but, based on the shades available on the garnier website, i am assuming this is medium light?

impressions: i've used this product for about a week now and i have to say i prefer the marcelle bb cream. with the marcelle bb cream, i actually forgot i was even wearing it - whereas with the garnier bb cream, my skin looked and felt greasy. i had a very shiny nose (pet peeve) by the time i got to work and my skin felt sticky throughout the day. at first, i thought it was due to the heat and humidity (i initially tried this product during the heat wave) but now that the temperature has returned to more seasonal values, it's definitely the formulation and how it works with my skin.

full size // 75 mL // $19.99
sample size // 1.5 mL x 3 packets // approximate value of $1.20
personal rating // 1 // disliked the product - would not repurchase

3. redken all soft argan-6 oil

there were 2 samples of the all soft argan-6 oil included in my topbox this month. i was a big fan of the redken shampoo and conditioner that i received in my march topbox so i was happy to try another redken product.

i was initially hesitant to use this product because it is an oil based product and my hair can get very greasy on days that i do not shampoo. the directions on the packaging did not mention rinsing out the product but, after going on the website, i learned there are actually 6 ways to use this product.

MOISTURIZE: Pre-shampoo treatment
PROTECT: Pre blow-dry shield
SMOOTH: Post blow-dry perfector
ILLUMINATE: Styling shine booster
SOFTEN: Treatment booster
RECONDITION: Overnight treatment

impressions: i chose the "moisturize" route so i could rinse out the product and i was amazed by the difference in my hair. when i initially put the product onto my hair (still dry), it make my hair stick straight. i shampooed and conditioned as i normally do and my hair was smooth and silky for the next 3+ days - my usual frizz & tangles were reduced. i'm excited to try this product in the winter when the ends of my hair get really dry.

full size // 90 mL // $34.99
sample size // 4.7 mL x 2 samples // approximately $2.10
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

4. m. asam 24 hour moisturizing antioxidant cream

i received the m. asam magic fini in my march glymm box. i really liked the product (and finished it) so i was very happy to receive another m. asam sample. this product was difficult to find online and i'm still not sure where it can be repurchased. i've read that there may be m. asam products at winners or homesense.

impressions: i really like this product. true to its claims, it does seem to moisturize for 24 hours. the texture is really smooth and slick (feels somewhat oily) but it goes on very nicely and does not feel greasy on the skin. i also really like the scent of the two m. asam samples that i've tried.

full size // 50 mL // $32
sample size // 5 mL // approximately $3.20
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

5. pari beauty precious glow

next up is a deluxe size sample of the pari beauty eye shadow primer & intensifier. this product can be used under your eye shadow as a primer or alone as a highlighter. i received this product in the colour pg 02, which i believe is called platinum.

impressions: i am pretty happy with this product, although i have only used it as a highlighter. i don't use eye shadow primer on a regular basis so i always forget this step. i've been using this product to highlight my brow bone, just under my waterline, and my inner corners. the texture is really silky and the product does not irritate my eye.

full size // 10 mL // $15
sample size // 3 mL (estimate as the volume is not listed) // approximately $4.50
personal rating // 2 // liked the product - might or might not repurchase

6. stila forever your curl mascara

now that i'm using mascara again, i am happy to receive and test out different formulations. i generally like stila products so i was very excited to try out this mascara.

impressions: unfortunately, this mascara did not do it for me. i found the formulation did not lengthen or volumize my lashes, the brush was too small, the mascara actually straightened my lashes after i had curled them, and to top it off, i had raccoon eyes at the end of the night.

full size // 7 mL // $29
sample size // 3.5 mL (estimate as the volume is not listed) // approximately $14.50
personal rating // 1 // disliked the product - would not repurchase

overall, i was not overly impressed with this month's topbox. i usually like most of the samples i receive in my beauty boxes; however, with this month's box, even though all the products are pretty good, i ended up not liking a couple of them. i was also expecting a lipstick due to the questionnaire that was sent out to customize the june topbox so maybe my expectations were too high.

// approximate value of the products in the june 2012 topbox: $29.98 //

did you receive a topbox this month? if so, what did you think of the samples?

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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