Wednesday, June 20, 2012

all about dry shampoo

about 6 months ago, i decided to change up my beauty regimen. part of my plan involved washing my hair less frequently - i've always read that you don't have to wash your hair every day but my greasy scalp disagreed. nevertheless, i pushed through a difficult week of having oily hair every other day... and now i am 6 months into a new routine and loving it. in the process, i have tried 5 dry shampoos. this post is all about them!

tresemme quick start
aerosol spray
white in colour
161 grams
approximately $5 to $7

i did not like this dry shampoo. it left an unpleasant residue on my hair, smelled terrible, and was not effective. i only got about half a day of grease control with this dry shampoo.

batiste dry shampoo for dark and deep brown hair
aerosol spray
dark in colour
90 grams
approximately $11

this dry shampoo is one of my favourites. it is easy to use, has a pleasant scent, and is very very effective. i got around 1-2 days of grease control with this dry shampoo. the only issue is that i only got 8-10 uses out of this 90 gram container of product.

batiste dry shampoo blush (floral & flirty scent)
aerosol spray
white in colour
30 grams
approximately $5

very similar to the previous dry shampoo except that the product comes out white in colour. it is still very easy to blend. the scent is very pleasant but i only got about 3 uses out of this canister of product.

principessa beauty notte breeze dry shampoo for darker shades
powder form
medium brown colour
125 grams

this is my favourite dry shampoo out of the ones i've tried. i love this product and consider it one of my essentials. it smells great and is very effective. similar to the batiste products, i get around 1-2 days of grease control with this dry shampoo. the container of product also lasts forever - i apply this dry shampoo with a powder puff so there is very little waste.

cake beauty satin sugar hair & body refreshing powder for darker hues
powder form
medium brown colour - a little lighter and more red than the principessa dry shampoo
50 grams

i found this dry shampoo similar in effectiveness as the principessa dry shampoo but i didn't like the scent on my hair. the cake beauty dry shampoo smells very sweet - too sweet for my taste. pun intended.

the below video contains a few more details and also shows 3 tools that can be used to apply the powder form dry shampoo.

there are a few other brands i'd like to try - my friend uses klorane and seems to like it. a couple of my youtube viewers also mentioned lush's no drought and marc anthony's 2nd day clear dry shampoo.

are you a fan of dry shampoo? have you tried any that you would recommend?

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