Tuesday, May 15, 2012

may topbox - 2012

i think this might be my favourite topbox so far! :)

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. deborah lippmann nail lacquer in whatever lola wants - created with kelly ripa

i was so excited to receive a deborah lippmann nail polish because i thought it would never be sampled again after the first topbox. i didn't think the colour was very unique but i still liked it because i love pink, i love shimmer, i love sheer polishes, and it's appropriate for the office.

impressions: this polish applies like a dream plus it's very forgiving because it's so sheer. the polish is basically all shimmer but has a bit of a milky-pink iridescent quality to it. now that i've applied it, i don't find the polish generic at all. i don't have anything like it. i think it's really pretty polish and i'm really enjoying wearing it. i also can't wait to layer it with some of my other polishes! if you are interested in seeing this polish on, i am wearing it in my may glymm bag video (will be posted next) - the photos of this polish on my nails didn't do the shade any justice.

full size and sample size // 15 mL // $20

2. expression bronzing powder brush

i couldn't find anything online about this line of makeup brushes. i'm not sure if this is the same expression brand that is exclusive to the bay? in any case, i really like this brush and i can't wait to use it. i was going to purchase the ecotools bronzing brush because i needed one so this was really the perfect "sample" for me! the bristles are soft and the brush does not appear to shed. i do wish that the brush end were flat so i could stand it up.

full size and sample size // 1 brush // $25

3. orlane paris anagenese 25+ first time-fighting care eye contour

this is the first eye cream that i've received in my beauty boxes and i was happy to have the opportunity to try this sample. i've never tried any orlane paris products so that was doubly exciting for me! :)

impressions: i've tried the eye cream once and enjoyed using it. it will probably take time to notice a difference... plus i don't have a lot of knowledge about or experience with eye creams so i'm not even sure what to benchmark this product against. regardless, i like the feeling that i am doing something to combat "fine lines, puffiness and dark circles" so i will definitely continue using this sample.

full size // 15 mL // $75
sample size // 2 mL // approximately $10

4. cover fx clearprep fx

i was very excited to try this sample because i've heard such good things about the cover fx primers. i received the clearprep fx, which is described as a matte foundation primer & anti-acne treatment. i love that this product is paraben free, oil free, and fragrance free - although i definitely detected a scent when i applied this product on the back of my hand.

impressions: i tried this product and liked the way it applied; however, i didn't find it all that mattifying. :(

full size // 30 mL // $39
sample size // 7 mL // approximately $9.10

5. deborah lippmann exclusive topbox member offer for a complimentary nail file

i wanted to redeem this today but i forgot the invitation at home. this offer expires on june 15, 2012.

overall, i am absolutely ecstatic with this month's topbox. i loved all the products and found them well suited for me. i did choose the recycling themed tube (versus the one with the pretty wrapping paper) but i may switch back next month because i just discovered that when i rip off the pretty wrapping paper, there's a plain cardboard tube underneath. i actually wish there was an option to just have the plain cardboard tube.

// approximate value of the products in the may 2012 topbox: $64.10 //

if you received the may topbox, please let me know your thoughts!

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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