Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 goals // april update

how? how is it already mid-may?

i recorded my goals update video a little while ago but only posted it today. these videos have really helped me to stay on track with my goals but i'm always nervous to post them because... well... they're really kind of pointless to everyone but me. anyway, if you're watching, thank you so much for sitting through a boring video!

1. photo-a-day project of hubby and me.
- 100%

2. 100 day thrifting challenge.
- i am feeling very motivated with this challenge. it was supposed to end on april 10 but i decided to extend it for the rest of the year. i love holding back on buying new clothing, shoes and accessories... and i also love the more unique pieces that i find when thrifting. i am going to make exceptions for (1) flat shoes and flip flops and (2) purchases while on vacation.
- 100%.

3. savings goal + rewards!
- getting there...
- 17%.

4. one new beauty product per month.
- since i have extended my thrifting challenge, i am going to give myself a break on this goal. i'm not going to scrap it all together but i haven't decided as yet how i'm going to modify it.

5. one litre of water per day.
- doing very well with this! i've also started a raw vegetarian diet when i'm at work.
- 80%.

6. figure out the mess that is my hair.
- i only tried two new styles in the month of april and both involved a braided hair headband. not my best month.
- 75%.

7. decorate, de-clutter & re-organize.
- i was so-so this month - i got about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through my clothing organization project.
- 75%.

8. keep a better record of events.
- 100%.

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