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may glymm bag - 2012

UPDATE (April 2013): Please read my most recent post on Glymm before ordering from this company.

(source: glymm)

there have been a few changes to the glymm subscription this month. first, glymm announced a re-branding initiative. the logo is now black and gold… no more pink and white. then we were sent a sleek preview ad (above) for a limited edition s/s 2012 nylon collection. then the subscription price increased to $12 per month. there was not a lot of explanation as to what was going on – but i was glad i stayed subscribed because i wanted to see how the changes would impact my monthly box. here is my video unboxing, which contains a description of the changes along with my reaction.

the may edition of the glymm box arrived promptly this month, just a day or two after topbox. there is no longer a pink cardboard box inside the shipping box. instead, glymm provided us with a note that the company is going green. instead of the pink box, we received a fuchsia nylon makeup bag. it is quite sturdy and i will definitely be using it. the pretty bag was jam-packed with a wide variety of samples. here are the contents of my may glymm bag (in order of appearance in the video):

1. caudalie vinosource s.o.s thirst-quenching serum for dehydrated skin & moisturizing sorbet for sensitive skin

i am oddly excited to try these samples. the samples are teeny tiny but the packaging is so cute. the shape reminds me of those freezie pop treats from when i was little girl - can't for the life of me remember what they were called.

s.o.s thirst-quenching serum
full size // 30 mL // $48
sample size // 1 mL // approximate value of $1.60

moisturizing sorbet
full size // 40 mL // $40 (card shows $38, which i believe is a misprint)
sample size // 1 mL // approximate value of $1

2. cargo eye shadow duo in vienna

i’ve seen cargo eye shadows sampled in previous beauty boxes but i’ve never received one myself so i am happy i received this product. i am usually not a fan of shimmery shadows but i’ve been trying to experiment with new looks so i will definitely try this product. the colours in the duo included a shimmery charcoal colour (i kept looking at it in the video because it seemed to pull a little blue) and a shimmery pink colour.

the odd thing about the cargo samples is that I can never find the actual product or shade on the website. for example, I couldn’t find the eye liner from my january glymm box and I couldn’t find the eye shadow duo in vienna from this month’s glymm box (I did notice that all eye shadow duos are marked down on the cargo website to $6). hmmm, this makes me feel like i’m getting the company’s sell-off or discontinued items.

full size and sample size // 3 g // $25 (currently “on sale” for $6)

3. coola cucumber mineral face sunblock – matte finish

if you watched my unboxing video, you will probably notice that i was unusually excited about this product. i went to a seminar recently on actinic keratosis, which basically manifests as pre-cancerous lesions on the skin, and it freaked me out. i’ve been looking for a good sunscreen but there is so much confusing information on the web that it has been hard for me to decide. i’m currently using the la roche-posay anthelios sensitive skin melt-in cream with spf 45.

one of my youtube viewers posted a very helpful comment in response to my video about physical (mineral) sun blocks versus chemical sun blocks. with that golden nugget of information, i’ve been able to focus my research and i think i will go the mineral sun block route. thank you d3roth1! here is a link to an article explaining the difference if you wish to read more.

impressions: my favourite part about this sample? true to its claim, the sun block is matte! i find most sunscreens leave a greasy texture when applied so i am very partial to the smooth and non-greasy texture of this sun block. however, because the main ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (both minerals), it did leave a white cast on my face – i had to rub it in / blend it out a lot so that left me questioning whether i had a thick enough layer to actually offer the advertised sun protection factor of 30.

full size // 50 mL // $36
sample size // 5 mL // approximate value of $3.60

4. caudalie vinexpert anti-ageing serum for eyes and lips

wow, why are anti-ageing products so expensive?! the first ingredient in this product is water but it retails for $70 for 15 mL (the glymm card shows $33 but that is a price error). now that I’m a little older, i am more interested in trying anti-ageing products; however, i am very sceptical when it comes to beauty product claims so i would be reluctant to pay full price for products that promise you the world. that’s why i'm glad to receive them in my subscription boxes so i can still try the product without paying a hefty price.

impressions: i’ve only used this once and i suspect that is not enough to notice a difference! i do love the texture - it's really smooth and silky to apply. there is a slightly medicinal scent but it is hardly noticeable so it is not unpleasant. as i noted in review of the orlane eye cream in my may topbox, I do not have a lot of knowledge about or experience with eye creams. nevertheless, I am enjoying using this product and will let you know if I see any results. :)

full size // 15 mL // $70
sample size // 7 mL // approximate value of $32.67

5. nume hydropunch hydrating conditioner

i seem to be receiving a lot of hair conditioners in my beauty boxes… but i’ve been putting them to good use so i’m not overly concerned about it. the nume conditioner has a very strong fragrance – i wasn’t really sure what to make of it. i couldn't find anything about this product online... the glymm card indicates that it's an exclusive product launch... hooray, that means we subscribers are among the first to try it.

impressions: the conditioner was very light in terms of weight and texture - which i like - but i had to use a lot to cover my hair… probably close to half the bottle. the glymm card mentions that the sample contains up to 4 uses but i will probably only get 2 uses out of it. that being said, i really like this conditioner. it made my hair silky and soft. there is a very strong scent – i didn’t fancy it on the first day but with second day hair, it is just right.

full size // 250 mL // $24.99
sample size // 20 mL // approximate value of $2

6. ck one shock fragrances for her and for him

these little spritzer bottles are a step up from the tiny vials but i still prefer a pretty mini perfume bottle when i receive fragrance samples. my hubby wasn't overly excited about the fragrance but that's because he has a massive collection. still i think he liked that he got a little something from my glymm box.

here are the official description of the fragrances from the glymm card:

for her
top notes... passionflower - pink peony - poppy flower
heart notes... liquid chocolate accord - blackberry - narcisse - jasmine
base notes... vanillin - patchouli - ambers - skin musk

for him
top notes... clementine - purple lavender - cucumber
heart notes... osmanthus - black pepper - cardamom - black basil
base notes... chocolate - tobacco - ambreine - cashmeran musk - patchouli

impressions: i wore the for her fragrance on my right wrist and the for him fragrance on my left wrist yesterday. these fragrances are super long lasting – they stayed put for my full work day and i could still smell both fragrances when i was eating dinner. while i enjoy both fragrances (i like the for her more though), i prefer the ysl parisienne i received in my december glymm box and the atelier cologne in orange sanguine i received in my april glymm box.

full size // 50 mL each // $45 each
sample size // 1.2 mL each // approximate value of $1.08 each

// approximate value of the products in the may 2012 glymm bag: $68.03 ($49.03 if I value the eye shadow duo at the $6 sale price) //

overall, i am happy with the changes to the glymm subscription. while the price has increased to $12 per month, current subscribers are grandfathered at the lower price of $10 per month. even though it’s only $2 per month, this is definitely incentive for me to stay subscribed! new subscribers can benefit from the lower price by purchasing a 1 year subscription. i don't mind the move away from the pretty pink box. i prefer the makeup bags because i was running out of room to store the boxes – adding two storage boxes per month (from glymm and glossybox) takes up quite a bit of space. i also like the redesign of the glymm card. there is more information and i like that glymm included an estimate of how many uses you *should* get from the samples.

one thing i like about glymm is that the boxes are always full of surprises. although glymm provides its fair share of repeat brands, i am not familiar with many of the brands sampled, which opens my eyes to the beauty world. i also like that glymm provides me with samples of products that i would not have purchased myself. for the most part, the sample sizes have been reasonable in size. i like to be able to get 3-4 uses out of each sample at a minimum – while full size products are wonderful, they are not a must-have for me. i realize that people value different aspects of a beauty box subscription so you can’t please everyone but i was happy enough with the may glymm bag that i have decided that i am going to stay subscribed for a little while longer.

from the sleek preview ad of the nylon collection, i am speculating we will receive three different coloured nylon bags for the months of june, july, and august. after that, i have a feeling things may change again. but really, who knows! like i said, glymm is always full of surprises. are you subscribed to glymm? what did you think of the changes to the glymm subscription?

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

may topbox - 2012

i think this might be my favourite topbox so far! :)

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. deborah lippmann nail lacquer in whatever lola wants - created with kelly ripa

i was so excited to receive a deborah lippmann nail polish because i thought it would never be sampled again after the first topbox. i didn't think the colour was very unique but i still liked it because i love pink, i love shimmer, i love sheer polishes, and it's appropriate for the office.

impressions: this polish applies like a dream plus it's very forgiving because it's so sheer. the polish is basically all shimmer but has a bit of a milky-pink iridescent quality to it. now that i've applied it, i don't find the polish generic at all. i don't have anything like it. i think it's really pretty polish and i'm really enjoying wearing it. i also can't wait to layer it with some of my other polishes! if you are interested in seeing this polish on, i am wearing it in my may glymm bag video (will be posted next) - the photos of this polish on my nails didn't do the shade any justice.

full size and sample size // 15 mL // $20

2. expression bronzing powder brush

i couldn't find anything online about this line of makeup brushes. i'm not sure if this is the same expression brand that is exclusive to the bay? in any case, i really like this brush and i can't wait to use it. i was going to purchase the ecotools bronzing brush because i needed one so this was really the perfect "sample" for me! the bristles are soft and the brush does not appear to shed. i do wish that the brush end were flat so i could stand it up.

full size and sample size // 1 brush // $25

3. orlane paris anagenese 25+ first time-fighting care eye contour

this is the first eye cream that i've received in my beauty boxes and i was happy to have the opportunity to try this sample. i've never tried any orlane paris products so that was doubly exciting for me! :)

impressions: i've tried the eye cream once and enjoyed using it. it will probably take time to notice a difference... plus i don't have a lot of knowledge about or experience with eye creams so i'm not even sure what to benchmark this product against. regardless, i like the feeling that i am doing something to combat "fine lines, puffiness and dark circles" so i will definitely continue using this sample.

full size // 15 mL // $75
sample size // 2 mL // approximately $10

4. cover fx clearprep fx

i was very excited to try this sample because i've heard such good things about the cover fx primers. i received the clearprep fx, which is described as a matte foundation primer & anti-acne treatment. i love that this product is paraben free, oil free, and fragrance free - although i definitely detected a scent when i applied this product on the back of my hand.

impressions: i tried this product and liked the way it applied; however, i didn't find it all that mattifying. :(

full size // 30 mL // $39
sample size // 7 mL // approximately $9.10

5. deborah lippmann exclusive topbox member offer for a complimentary nail file

i wanted to redeem this today but i forgot the invitation at home. this offer expires on june 15, 2012.

overall, i am absolutely ecstatic with this month's topbox. i loved all the products and found them well suited for me. i did choose the recycling themed tube (versus the one with the pretty wrapping paper) but i may switch back next month because i just discovered that when i rip off the pretty wrapping paper, there's a plain cardboard tube underneath. i actually wish there was an option to just have the plain cardboard tube.

// approximate value of the products in the may 2012 topbox: $64.10 //

if you received the may topbox, please let me know your thoughts!

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 goals // april update

how? how is it already mid-may?

i recorded my goals update video a little while ago but only posted it today. these videos have really helped me to stay on track with my goals but i'm always nervous to post them because... well... they're really kind of pointless to everyone but me. anyway, if you're watching, thank you so much for sitting through a boring video!

1. photo-a-day project of hubby and me.
- 100%

2. 100 day thrifting challenge.
- i am feeling very motivated with this challenge. it was supposed to end on april 10 but i decided to extend it for the rest of the year. i love holding back on buying new clothing, shoes and accessories... and i also love the more unique pieces that i find when thrifting. i am going to make exceptions for (1) flat shoes and flip flops and (2) purchases while on vacation.
- 100%.

3. savings goal + rewards!
- getting there...
- 17%.

4. one new beauty product per month.
- since i have extended my thrifting challenge, i am going to give myself a break on this goal. i'm not going to scrap it all together but i haven't decided as yet how i'm going to modify it.

5. one litre of water per day.
- doing very well with this! i've also started a raw vegetarian diet when i'm at work.
- 80%.

6. figure out the mess that is my hair.
- i only tried two new styles in the month of april and both involved a braided hair headband. not my best month.
- 75%.

7. decorate, de-clutter & re-organize.
- i was so-so this month - i got about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way through my clothing organization project.
- 75%.

8. keep a better record of events.
- 100%.

{favourites} april 2012

so it turns out that i had a whole bunch of new favourites in the month of april thanks to the beauty board. i have really enjoyed incorporating these favourites into my beauty routine... here they are!

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo for Dark and Deep Brown Hair
2. Cheeky Monkey Nail Polish in Camel Toe
3. Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss
4. Consonant Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin
5. Crawford Street Skin Care Lemon Deodorant Cream
6. Bonne Bell Lip Playset (Dollarama)
7. Dance Mugs - Teach Yourself the Robot + Teach Yourself the Running Man (Urban Outfitters)
8. Lace Bandeaux (Urban Outfitters)
9. Custom Bag Charms

Sunday, May 6, 2012

{what i wore} sock bun weekend

happy may, everyone! i absolutely love this month. not only is it my birth-month, it is also the month that the weather starts looking up in toronto. i'm a spring & summer junkie! i've usually finished my seasonal clothing rotation by the first weekend in may so i feel extra motivated to get dressed in the morning. here are a couple outfits i wore this weekend... note, skirts & dresses are pretty much de rigueur for me when the weather is warm so you will be seeing tons upon tons of skirts & dresses over the next few months!

// saturday //

my hubby and i brought lulu to the drake hotel spring market. there was a really cute and interesting assortment of accessories and knick knacks for sale! the market was smaller than i expected so we didn't spend a lot of time there. instead, we walked to kensington market and bought spicy beef patties on coco bread. then we sat outside courage my love and gobbled them up.

- black lace bandeau (urban outfitters)
- black tank top (h&m)
- brown "cardigan" (old)
- floral skirt (thrifted)
- black flats with white polka dots (walmart)
- rose gold chain (found object)
- olive green oversized studs (thrifted)
- candies sunglasses (old)
- badgley mischka brown hobo bag (the bay)

{what's on my face}

- pure + simple blush in soleil
- wet n wild blush silk finish blush in threesome
- annabelle blush in pronto
- covergirl blast flipstick lipcolor in stunner
- essence stay with me longlasting lipgloss in candy bar

// sunday //

you may notice in the second outfit that i'm sporting the same hairstyle (but messier). this is the same sock bun i wore the previous day. as in, i came home yesterday, slept on my sock bun, woke up, got ready, and left the condo without re-doing my sock bun. how's that for lazy? a few pieces started falling out towards the middle of the day but i just tucked them back in and the sock bun held up very nicely otherwise.

my dear friend christina bought me the clutch pictured in the below photos. she works at a thrift store in london (england) and she brought it back for me when she came to visit in late april. what a perfect gift! it is totally my style and i love love love it.

- strapless maxi dress (old)
- denim jacket (old navy)
- black flats (walmart)
- candies sunglasses (old)
- vintage clutch (thank you chris!)

{what's on my face}

- pure + simple blush in soleil
- wet n wild blush silk finish blush in threesome
- annabelle blush in pronto
- covergirl blast flipstick lipcolor in stunner - gold side only
- bonne bell lip play set

p.s. i am loving the cheeky monkey nail polish in party whore! the super vibrant red-coral screams summer.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

what's in my bag

here is another video i totally forgot to blog... grrr... i'm totally dropping the ball here!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{what i wore} beauty board

i completely forgot to publish the corresponding blog post to go with this video... until i was reminded by elaine's recent outfit post! so here is what i wore to the beauty board.

- black tank top (winners)
- kimono style cover up (h&m)
- indigo blue jeggings (winners)
- black slouchy boots (walmart)
- balenciaga city bag in outremer
- dangly earrings (old)
- rosegold chain necklace (found object)
- sparkly cocktail ring (ebay)
- michael kors rose gold runway watch (redeemed using air miles)
- braided hair headband (dollarama)
- oversized navy blue trench coat (thrifted) - not shown in video

{what's on my face}

- nyc blushable creme stick in big apple blush
- urban decay afterglow glide-on cheek tint in indecent
- annabelle blush in pronto
- revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake
- essence xxxl shine lip gloss in sparkling papaya

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