Saturday, April 14, 2012

{what i wore} menswear inspired

another monthly dinner! starting with march, my friend and i decided we were going to try to come up with a theme for our outfits - just to change things up and make it a little more challenging. this month's theme was menswear inspired. here is my interpretation!

here is what i wore:

- denim jacket (old navy)
- calvin klein slim fit tie (borrowed from hubby)
- black halter top (h&m)
- fitted black vest (old)
- spanx black pencil skirt (talize)
- leopard pumps (sam edelman)
- balenciaga city bag
- oversized shell studs (hawaii)
- michael kors rose gold runway watch (redeemed using air miles)

{what's on my face}

- two faced smoky eye palette
- nyc blushable creme stick in big apple blush
- urban decay afterglow glide-on cheek tint in indecent
- annabelle blush in pronto
- revlon lip butter in creamsicle
- stila lip glaze in apricot

my friend and i went to black hoof for dinner and i found the food to be delicious! black hoof is a share-plate type dining experience but we decided to just order our own dish. my friend had the duck & black bean. i tried a piece of the cabbage (i loooove cabbage) and it was delectably pickled - i could have eaten an entire plate of it as i love pickled vegetables. my friend liked her dish but found the flavours to be too strong/competing so she likely would not order it again. oh, and her mustache necklace (above photo) is sooo cute!

i am not into mushrooms, fois gras, sweetbreads, tongue, tripe, etc.; however, i do love tartare so i ordered that. this is the second time i've had horse tartare and black hoof's version was spicy and mixed with hickory sticks... mmm, yummy!

we shared a dessert - if i remember correctly, it was olive oil cake with meyer lemon foam, mini meringues, toasted pistachio, and freeze dried raspberries. something along those lines. it was super duper delicious. i couldn't get over it.

after dinner, we snapped a few quick photos and my friend said we should make funny faces. she loves to make silly faces because she is very good at them. i, on the other hand, totally suck. my funny faces always end up looking like this... bleh.

to close off, i had a lovely youtube subscriber ask me recently for some tips on how to make friends. maybe i'll do a best friend tag to this effect but, in the meantime, i wanted to mention that i am definitely not an expert with this. now that i'm older, i think being yourself goes a long way. basically, it is important to realize that there are some people in this world you will click with, some you like as acquaintances but don't want to be good friends with, and some that don't click with you at all. there may even be some that you wish you clicked with or vice versa but somehow the friendship never blossoms. it's important to be true to yourself and not force anything. i find that my closest friendships developed over time, slowly but surely. when you meet someone you click with - whether it be at school, at work, through family or friends, or at an extracurricular activity or class - be open, honest, reliable, and trustworthy... and i think the rest will fall into place. i know that's a little brief but i hope it helps somewhat! :)

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