Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ten on tuesday

yay, it's that time of the week again! linked up as always via linny's vault. :)

1) i ordered a ton of books from amazon recently. for a long while, i had sworn off buying books and instead used the public library system. my reasons were two-fold: (a) i was trying to tackle the clutter in our condo and (b) the public library is free. but then i kept missing my holds because i would forget to pick them up. plus sometimes it took me way waay waaay longer than three weeks to finish a book. i'm back to buying!

2) the wind nearly knocked me over on monday. it was disgusting to have dust and dirt blow into my eyes, nose, mouth, and hair on my walk home. bleh!

3) my boss saw me on tv eating a hot dog when i was at the jays game last week.

4) hooray, i sent out the package for my swap buddy! i hope it arrives safely. part of me is terrified she won't like any of my favourite things.

5) i went to my first ever beauty board on sunday and i loved it! lots more info coming soon. :)

6) finally went ahead and submitted a custom order for these leather bag charms of truffle & lulu. i was expecting to see the order in a couple of weeks but beon of leatherprince had my order ready in less than 24 hours! the designs in the shop are super cute but i didn't see anything that looked close enough to truffle & lulu so i went the custom route. i can't wait to receive them!

7) i came down with a small cold so i decided to skip our condo's annual general meeting and just sleep it off. instead of sleeping, i recorded haul videos all night and watched the voice. hey, i know my priorities.

8) crossing my fingers and toes for nice weather on sunday - i'm doing a photoshoot for one of my favourite families so rain & wind would suck even more than usual.

9) finally broke down and purchased a few products (three lip glosses and a nail polish) from a drug store brand called essence cosmetics, which is relatively new in canada. i am loving the products... and the prices!!!

10) one of the items in my 101 in 1001 is to submit a secret to postsecret. this video reminded me that i still haven't done it.

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