Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ten on tuesday

linking up with linny's vault for ten on tuesday... yes, again! :)

1) so excited... i only have one more item to purchase for my swap buddy! hoping to pick it up tomorrow. please let it still be there.

2) received last minute tickets to the ballgame from my boss today! he has great "in the action" seats so i was beyond excited. we stuffed ourselves with hot dogs, turkey wraps, popcorn, and ice cream. it was sickening. great game though.

3) a whole bunch of food trucks are popping up at bay and adelaide for lunch tomorrow. this makes me wish i still worked in the financial district.

4) i just finished reading the entire hunger games series for the second time. i'm not quite sure what to do with myself now.

5) super excited that i potentially have two beauty boxes arriving this week! i received my shipping notification for topbox today and apparently glymm will be shipping this week too. :) no word on glossybox yet.

6) that awkward moment when you're not sure whether you should finish your ten on tuesday post, paint your nails, or just go to bed. i guess i'll finish the post.

7) i saw this weekly post-it planner thingamabob on one of my favourite blogs today. me likey, me wanty.

(source: poketo)

8) instead of feasting on turkey and ham, i ate poutine on friday, saturday, and sunday of the easter long weekend.

9) for the 3rd or 4th time in my life, i have officially quit caffeine. i've even cut out my favourite smoothie from booster juice, mind over matcha. instead i'm drinking pomegranate punch.

10) i can't believe there are still 3 more work days to go this week. someone shoot me. on a more positive note, i filed our taxes yesterday so i only have one more take-home project in the month of april and i'll be free to enjoy the spring and summer!


  1. 1. So jealous! I still have a few more things & then I'm set.
    2. How fun. Baseball is one of my all time fave sports. Fave!
    3. I'm a beast around food trucks. They're delicious but no good for my belly.
    4. I'm barely on the first one & I'm totally loving it. Good luck finding a new book to keep you as entertained.
    6. I've totally been there before.
    7. OMG I want this!
    8. Never had it but always makes me giggle when I hear it since they say it 'Super Troopers' haha.
    9. You're a brave soul.
    10. Yay for getting your taxes done!

    Thanks for linking up sweets. It was super fun reading your 10 :)

    1. haha, i was thinking of buying $20 tickets for a street food block party with over 30 food trucks. that's $20 just for entry to the event, where you'll have to shell out even more money for eats! how much can my belly take? i pulled back at the last minute.

  2. If you need to fill the void of The Hunger Games because you finished it twice, may I suggest reading Divergent. The bonus about reading this book now, the second in the series, Insurgent will be coming out May 1.

    1. thanks leesh, that sounds like a great recommendation. i'm going to pick up a copy. :)


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