Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ten on tuesday

yay, it's tuesday again! that means it's time for ten on tuesday. linked up on linny's vault. :)

1. i wore bright nail polish to work for the first time in years. i felt so many eyes on my fingers during a meeting with our external partners today but whatevs - it was probably all in my head. coral/pink nails don't mean i'm incompetent or unprofessional. it just means i'd rather be at the beach.

2. totally forgot we have a long weekend coming up. that's so unlike me. i'm known at the office for knowing exactly when all the holidays will occur... at least a year in advance.

3. raw oysters with a squeeze of lemon and heaped with freshly grated horseradish is my newest obsession.

4. dang, i had a girl crush on xtina last night. hubby thought i was weird because i said how good i thought she looked on the voice (both during the live show and in rehearsals). ok, not because i said it but because i kept saying it throughout the 2 hour show.

5. i've been going to a lot of movies lately. 21 jump street was better than expected. but i also thought that about mirror mirror. don't judge.

(source: thefilmstage.com & moviebuzzers.com)

6. i couldn't figure out why i've been breaking out lately until i realized i've eaten no less than a pound of mini eggs in the span of about a week. no joke. yet i continue to eat them - even as i type this blog post.

7. truffle, our bunny, only lets my hubby hold him. he will not tolerate being held by me. however, he always chooses me when he wants to be pet... which is very often because he's a big suck who loves to be doted upon.

8. when lulu was a baby, i would give her a treat for looking at the camera. now, whenever i pick up the camera, she stares right into the lens and poses. what i love most about her is that she is always so happy to see me.

9. my lips have been peeling lately but i haven't changed up any of my lip products. it seems like this happens whenever the seasons change. it's particularly horrible because i pick my lips until they bleed.

10. this makes me feel weak and inadequate. especially 0:40 to 0:45.


  1. OMG!! Your bunny and doggie are sooo cute!

    I didn't even realize Mirror Mirror was out - I guess it didn't do very well since I haven't heard anything about it! I'm hesitant to see 21 Jump Street b/c it's obviously not THE 21 Jumpstreet from back in the day :P

    Well you know from last night we all loved your coral nails LOL!

  2. awww, thanks elaine!! yeah, mirror mirror really isn't a very good movie but i liked it for some reason. not something i would re-watch haha. i used to watch 21 jump street when i was little but i couldn't remember anything about it. i feel like watching all the old episodes now... wish they were on netflix!

  3. 1. Love it! Last time I wore bright nail color I felt like everyone & their mom was staring but it was definitely all in my head.
    2. Haha I know all of our holidays too. If there's a day I dont have to be at work but still get paid for it you can bet your sweet ass I'm going to embed it in my brain.
    3. Um...ew. My dad & husband love oysters but I'm not a sea food kind of gal. A steak however, bring it on!
    4. I dont watch that show but I remember I did exact same thing throughout all of Forgetting Sarah Marshal when Mila Kunis would come on the screen.
    5. I want to see 21 Jump Street so badly!
    6. No one blames you for this, not even your skin. They're so addicting!
    7&8. Adorable.
    9. Ha, I thought I was the only one with a tendency to pick until they bleed. It's awful but I cant stop myself. Needless to say I try to wear chapstick as much as possible so I dont have any dryness to pick at.
    10. Aw hell, no so do I. I really need to get my ass to the gym. Fast.

    Thanks for linking up! I loved your 10.

    1. hey lin! thank you for stopping by. :) and i totally agree re. mila kunis!!

  4. I saw your coral nails on Tuesday and it's a great colour!!!

    Oysters are delicious! When I was in NYC for Christmas, we ate oysters with a tomato horseradish granite (cocktail sauce and horseradish mixed together, then frozen and scraped). It was the best thing I ever had with oysters.

    1. thanks leesh! mmm, the tomato horseradish granite sounds delish...


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