Sunday, April 22, 2012

favourite things swap

i recently participated in a favourite things swap, hosted by linny's vault. this was my first swap ever and i had no idea what to expect. the theme was "my favourite things" and we had a spending limit of $15... i had a ton of fun picking out a few of my faves for my swap partner and was so excited to see what her faves would be. ohmygosh, keltie totally spoiled me with a package stuffed with her favourite things!!! she wrapped up each of the items in sunny yellow tissue paper and attached a little note about why each one is her fave. i loved the personal touch!

of course, i opened up the biggest item first. :) keltie got me a smart planet double wall insulated reusable cold drink cup. i was ecstatic because i had it on my never-ending to-do list to buy something similar. i've been meaning to stop spending a ridiculous $7 a day on booster juice and make my own smoothies at home instead... so this really was the perfect gift. keltie also got me a black moleskine notebook, which was actually one of my favourite things too! i love that the one she got me has pages with grid lines.

next, keltie got me 4 packs of excel gum. not only do i love gum, i also loved her little note, which included a line from sixteen candles. yesss, sixteen candles was one of my favourite movies growing up. and now i feel like watching it again. :)

i also love the cute little sephora buffing block. especially because it includes the uses for each of the sides. my current buffing block doesn't identify the different sides and, no lie, i actually used the file on my nail bed once, which left little scratches all over my nails. i thought to myself, yes i'm a dunce but it would still be great if the sides were labeled, haha.

the last items in my swap package were two nivea lip balms. i am absolutely obsessed with lip balm but, oddly enough, i have never tried the nivea brand. i cannot wait to give these a try. i always have a minimum of 4 lip balms near me at any given time. i wish i were joking.

my first swap was a super fun experience! keltie, thank you, thank you so much for being an awesome swap buddy! i love that all your favourites are so useful - it's almost like you read my mind. :) also a huge thanks to lin for hosting such a well organized swap event!

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