Friday, April 13, 2012

april topbox 2012

very happy again with this month's topbox. :)

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. principessa beauty notte breeze dry shampoo

i love love love this dry shampoo so i am so happy to have received this. the scent is great and it works wonders soaking up all the oil from my roots. i recently recorded a how to apply powder dry shampoo video using this particular product (i purchased the full size after seeing this sample included in the january topbox - my subscription started in february) so check it out if you would like some tips in that regard. :)

note: for the value of this product, i used the actual price of the "mini" size that is currently available for sale on the principessa beauty website. i believe this is a new size as i have never seen it before. there is also a larger full size product, which is 125 g for $24, but i am trying to use the closest size available for sale when calculating the value.

mini size and sample size // 30 g // $12

2. benefit the porefessional

yay, a benefit product! i have only tried this product on the back of my hand but i was impressed with how smoothly the product applied and how it appeared to smooth out the skin on the back of my hand. i will try this product on my face tomorrow morning and report back on my thoughts. :)

impressions: i like how this product applies and also the scent but i did not really notice a difference with the appearance of my pores.

full size // 22 mL // $34
sample size // 7.5 mL // approximately $11.59

3. misa nail lacquer in polka dot bikini

very happy with receiving a nail polish! however, my bottle is kind of gunked up under the lid, which makes me a little worried that it's been opened and swatched. regardless, i am enjoying the colour and can't wait to try it on my nails. i've seen misa nail lacquers available for purchase at trade secrets and there is an impressive line up of colours. i was thinking about trying one but never really got around to taking the plunge so i was excited to receive this in my topbox. we also received a 20% off coupon, which expires june 30, 2012.

impressions: this nail colour applies a really sheer pink but i really love how it looks on my nails. it's very feminine and subtle and flattering. it's also perfect for the office. i need more nail polish like i need a hole in the head but i would definitely repurchase this brand... i'm planning to pop into trade secrets to drool over the colours.

full size & sample size // 15 mL // $8.99

4. bella pella tropical flowers body lotion

although they're not my favourite, i don't mind receiving moisturizers in my beauty boxes. bella pella is a canadian company based in montreal and i believe topbox has sampled a bar soap in a previous box. unfortunately, the scent of the tropical flowers lotion is a little too strong for me. i'll probably try this product on my legs rather than anywhere too close to my nose. due to the scent, i would not repurchase this exact product; however, depending on the formulation, i might be interested in trying other bella pella products.

impressions: the formulation is nice but the scent is too strong for me so i would not repurchase this product.

full size // 175 mL // $15.95
sample size // 30 mL // approximately $2.73

5. cargo blu-ray pressed powder

we received a tiny sample of this as part of a "sponsored ad" on the topbox product card. i love pressed powders so i am excited to try this. it is described in the ad as being developed for high definition filming - the ingredients are supposed to reduce redness and hide fine lines. in my video, i talked about blotting the product onto my face but i think i will try to apply this with a brush instead. yes, that would be much more civilized.

impressions: there was enough powder on the ad for 3 uses for me. the powder is ok but i didn't feel it was as good as my current physician's formula powder. i had high expectations as i had never tried an hd powder - it seemed a little heavy and prone to caking. i will not be purchasing this product.

full size // 8 g // $32
sample size // negligible // nil

this month's topbox also featured a recycling theme so the regular floral-esque tube was replaced with a regular cardboard tube with beauty product silhouettes / stencils printed onto the actual tube. i actually prefer this type of tube and hope to see more of the stencil type designs on future topboxes. when i first learned of topbox and saw the packaging, i thought it would be really neat if the tubes were different every month. anyway, i believe this is a limited edition topbox so the design is unlikely to recur next month.

edited to add: so i just read the green card included in the topbox and it says we can request the plain cardboard box with the printed design instead of the "regular" topbox. i am definitely going to do that!

i have to admit that, aside from the new tube design and a little information card we received in the box, i'm not sure how the recycling theme carried through to the products. maybe that was never the intention but it would have been nice to see some eco friendly, organic, or cruelty free products highlighted. i realize some of the products included may already be, say, cruelty free but there was no information in this regard contained in the topbox. i will say that i love that there is very clear information as to where to purchase the products on the card this month - i hope this continues.

// approximate value of the products in the april 2012 topbox: $35.31 //

if you received the april topbox, i would love to know what you thought!

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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