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april glymm box 2012 - unboxing

UPDATE (April 2013): Please read my most recent post on Glymm before ordering from this company.

this is the first glymm box that i have found to be really disappointing. i like the variety of products included and i like the brands, but glymm really fell short with the size of the samples this month. it's too bad because i feel that glymm has the most leverage with the brands since the online boutique can be used to drive sales. with that said, here is my video unboxing:

here are the contents of my april glymm box (in order of appearance in the video):

1. free your mane sulfate free hydrating shampoo & conditioner

i enjoy receiving shampoo & conditioner samples because they are so useful; however, i prefer little bottles because i find these packages messy and very difficult to open. this is the smallest sample of shampoo & conditioner i've received in any beauty box so i was very disappointed in the non-deluxe size. regardless, i am excited to try this brand as the entire line of products is sulphate and paraben free.

impressions: the shampoo & conditioner samples were barely enough for one use now that my hair is a little longer. i did not fancy the scent (can't place it - it's like nothing i've ever smelled before) but my hair did feel great after using the products. i would not repurchase this product due to the scent.

full size // 300 mL each // $16 each
sample size // 7.4 mL each // approximate value of $0.80

2. lucia guest soap in no. 6 wild ginger & fresh fig

again, this is a very small sample. i love soap, the packaging is lovely, and the scent is nice... but i can't seem to get over the size. nevertheless, i will give the soap a try and report back.

full size // 8 soaps // $17.50
sample size // 1 soap // approximate value of $2.19

3. mai couture social gloss in g'vinity

this is the second time we've received a sample from mai couture - the first time being a small sample of blush / bronzing sheets in the february glymm box. without a doubt, this is my favourite item in the box. in fact, this full size lip gloss saved the box for me. i love lip gloss and i am excited to try this one. the colour is called g'vinity, which is a cocktail i have never tried. the colour is a shimmery neutral beige.

impressions: i like this lip gloss but the colour is not flattering on its own. it looks good layered on top of a lip colour, which is how i've been wearing it. it's quite long lasting and has a pleasant scent with no flavour. it does claim to be lip plumping, which i did not notice visually; however, my lips did tingle lightly for a short while. i probably would not repurchase this product as my favourite sula lip glosses are only a fraction of the price.

full size and sample size // 5 mL // $28

4. atelier cologne in orange sanguine

fragrance is not my favourite sample to receive due to my scent allergies but glymm does not sample perfumes often so i was okay with it. buuuut, again, the size was so small. it's one thing if there is one small size sample included in the box... but three? i do like the little postcard because, well, i love postcards.

here is the official description of the fragrance from the atelier cologne website:

top notes... blood orange - bitter orange
heart notes... jasmine - geranium from south africa
base notes... amber woods - tonka beans - sandalwood

i like this fragrance but still prefer the ysl parisienne i received in my december glymm box.

impressions: i've been wearing the orange sanguine fragrance for the last couple of days and i like it. oddly enough, i don't really smell the top notes (i.e., the orange) - instead, my silly nose detects the floral scents and perhaps some of the base notes. i can't really tell but this fragrance seems less citrus-y to me the more i wear it - not that that's a bad thing because i like complex fragrances. that being said, i would still choose ysl parisienne as my signature scent.

full size // 30 mL // $60
sample size // unknown // unknown

5. $100 gift certificate towards nume professional styling tools & hair extensions

this was our "bonus" sample. the first few times glymm provided us with promo codes, i didn't mind it so much because i had been planning to make a purchase anyway. but it's starting to get old. we received the nume feather extensions in the march glymm box, which was great, but i don't really have a desire to purchase more.

// approximate value of the products in the april 2012 glymm box: $30.99 not including the nume gift certificate //

please let me know your thoughts if you received a glymm box this month!

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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