Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ten on tuesday

i was over at linny's vault and spent quite a bit of time reading a few posts from her ten on tuesday series. what fun! i always have random thoughts that i either forget to blog about or don't know where to put (many are quite inconsequential and do not deserve a blog post of their own) so i thought this was a great idea. here are my ten on tuesday:

1) i kept thinking it was thursday today. not a good thing when you're bored at work and wishing the week were already over.

2) while i was at work today, i saw the below photo shared on twitter and subsequently discovered this site. what a great resource for someone who is trying to figure out her hair! then i spent 30 minutes trying to find where to buy these or these or these. (p.s. this is not the first time i've looked for super strong bobby pins... why can't i find them in toronto?)

(source: hair romance)

3) i am counting down the days until easter... so i can go buy up all the 50% off mini eggs the day after. i heard on the news today that chocolate speeds up your metabolism so this is theoretically going to help me lose weight.... right?

4) girl on the subway today, where did you buy your knee-high pull-on black suede wedge boots? dang, they kinda looked like this - hope there's a less expensive and more readily available alternative...

(source: amazon.com)

5) hubby and i finally downloaded the free version of draw something and we're on turn 55. drawsome! i'm also playing with a random stranger, which makes me nervous because he or she draws really well and i do not.

6) i think i might be the only person i know who was disappointed by the hunger games movie. to get my fix, i am re-reading the books instead.

7) it's already day 87 of my 100 day thrift challenge and it feels really really good. so good that i'm actually thinking about extending the challenge another 100 days - or maybe even for the year. i seriously thought i would have a harder time with this so i am pleasantly surprised.

8) hubby and i have been trying to teach lulu to bring us her kong so we can put treats in it. this is not going well. instead of bringing me the kong, she sits, lies down, gives me a paw, rolls over, or rolls the kong away from me. once, she nosed the kong a tiny bit towards me so i freaked out (in a good way) but i think i scared her.

9) i think we've decided where we're going for our november trip... aaaaarrrrrruuuuubbbbbbaaaaa! we were originally planning to go to kauai or the big island but the night i was going to book the flight, the prices went up by $300 per person (and stayed there) so that kind of put the kaibosh on that idea.

10) the below image is so true. fortunately, i don't mind editing photos but for some reason there is some serious procrastination going on with the photos from my recent vacation. i'm going to get on that soon.

(source: swiss miss via chase jarvis)

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