Wednesday, March 14, 2012

march topbox 2012

i am in love with this month's topbox!

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. Mark. Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquers in Violet Daze and Tickled Pink

i thought this was a brand under avon but it turns out that it's a brand sold through avon. i think. in any event, these mini nail lacquers are among the cutest products i have ever seen. based on the card included in the topbox, it seems as though everyone received the same colours - the violet femme shades: violet daze and tickled pink.

the tickled pink shade reminded me of the essie nail lacquer in neo whimsical, which i received in my february glossybox. upon swatching the two shades, tickled pink is much brighter. however, similar to neo whimsical, tickled pink required 3 coats for opacity so i am not crazy about the formula.

the violet daze shade was opaque in two coats and is an absolutely beautiful shade of purple with a hint of shimmer in the polish. the colour is quite complex and i really really like it.

verdict: mark is not a luxury brand but, regardless, i am really enjoying these mini nail lacquers. i love that you can get two shades at a low price and the size is perfect - especially since i don't think i have ever finished a full size nail polish. i would repurchase this product... except i don't think there are many other shades (if any).

full size and sample size // 5.4mL combined // $8

2. Make Up For Ever Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser

yay, make up for ever!!! i have never tried mufe but i hear about the products all the time on youtube so i was excited to receive this... even though it is a relatively unexciting eye make up remover. the product is described as a gel but i found the texture to be more like a cream.

verdict: i used this the same night i received it and i really love it. it was very gentle and i think it works a little better than the one i am using now so i will consider purchasing this when i finish up my current product. it is more expensive but i don't wear eye make up all the time anymore so i think the bottle will last quite a while.

full size // 3.38 oz // $28
sample size // 0.84 oz // approximately $6.96

3. Redken Color Extend Shampoo & Conditioner

i was a little worried when i saw that the shampoo & conditioner duo was for colour treated hair... owing to my recent experience with the shu uemura shampoo. despite this, i still tried the redken duo and ohmygosh my hair feels absolutely wonderful! i like the smell of the shampoo and the smell of the conditioner is alright too. i used an entire shampoo packet and half a conditioner packet. oh, but i was a hot mess trying to open these packets in the shower.

verdict: i have not decided if i'll repurchase this. i think the price is fairly reasonable so it will depend on how i feel (more like if i will remember) after we finish our many bottles of shampoo under our bathroom sink... and also whether i can find a salon close by that sells redken.

full size // shampoo 300mL & conditioner 250mL // shampoo $15 & conditioner $17
sample size // 10mL x 4 // approximately $2.36

4. Mark. Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lip Stain in Bella

i have a love-hate relationship with lip stains. i absolutely love the look but i find them so drying - they really do a number on my lips. nevertheless, i was excited to receive this product. it swatched beautifully and i liked the pen clicker dispenser. i called this a plum colour in the video but it's more like a cross between plum and berry - i don't wear these shades a whole lot so i find them difficult to describe.

verdict: i wore this lip stain / gloss over my revlon lip butter in fig jam and i think i will need to purchase more of these! they are super moisturizing, not sticky, and fade to a very nice stain, just as advertised. i didn't have to reapply the product often (maybe twice today) and after i washed off my make-up, my lips were not all dried out like they get with other lip stains. one thing i do not like about this product is the smell - there's this weird medicinal / menthol scent that is not appealing. it goes away after a little while.

full size and sample size // 1.5 g // $12

5. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

this was a bonus health & beauty product that was included this month in honour of topbox's 6th month... and a generous sample at that! i was happy to receive this even though it is not a high end sample. facial wipes come in so handy plus simple is a very well reviewed brand from the uk. i did a quick google search and the cloths are available at walmart at a very reasonable price (around $7 for 25 wipes). i believe these are also available at some shoppers drug mart and loblaw locations.

verdict: these did a great job removing my make up but i found them a little rough compared to the kaia naturals cleansing cloths. nevertheless, i would consider repurchasing these when i'm finished using my other cleansing cloths.

full size // 25 cloths // $10.99
sample size // 7 cloths // $3.08

i am very very happy with this month's topbox! while a few of the brands are not what i would consider luxury samples, i still feel like we got good value in this box plus i get to try a few brands that i have never tried before. love it!!!

// approximate value of the products in the march 2012 topbox: $32.40 //

i am excited for next month as topbox has hinted that it will be changing up the design on the tube! i'm hoping the print will be water resistant as i dripped some water on my february topbox tube and the pretty pattern got all smudged. :(

anyway, if you received the march topbox, i would love to know what you got!

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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