Friday, March 23, 2012

how to apply powder dry shampoo

Just a little video on how I apply my dry shampoo using a powder puff. :) I got this idea after watching Daven Mayeda (your hair BFF, hollllla!) apply dry shampoo with a big powder brush. I didn't want to dedicate one of my make up brushes exclusively for my hair so I decided to use the powder puff that came with my cover girl loose powder.

I love that I don't waste any product, get a more even application, and can throw my powder puff in with my laundry every week to keep it sanitary.

I hope you find this video helpful!

P.S. If you noticed I was a little more subdued in this video, it's because it was 7am and my brain was still half asleep. I'll be back to my regular self in my next video... promise!

FTC: I paid for all the products in the video and nothing was sent to me for free.

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