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glymm box // february 2012

UPDATE (April 2013): Please read my most recent post on Glymm before ordering from this company.

when i opened my february glymm box, i was very happy and excited about the contents. no, the items are not super high end. and yes, at least one of the items is on the tiny side in terms of size. but after watching months and months of unboxings, i've realized that all the beauty boxes have fallen short on the promise of both "luxury" brands and "deluxe" sample sizes. overall, i was still pleased with the samples i received.

so you can imagine my surprise when the overwhelming majority of subscribers was overwhelmingly unhappy with the box. i can see where the subscribers coming from... non-luxury brands for two of the items, non-deluxe size for at least one other item, brand repeats, only 4 samples, no replacement for the jelly beans, no valentine extra, shipping delay... the list goes on.

maybe i have a soft spot for glymm. maybe i have an unusual affinity to lip balm and sula products. whatever the reason, i really love my february glymm box and i could see myself using every single product.

here is what i received (in order of appearance in the video):

1. sula natural creme shadow in he loves me

let me preface this by saying i am not a huge fan of cream shadow, shimmer shadow, or pink shadow... and this product is all three of the above. but, oddly enough, i was unusually thrilled to receive this! the formulation is not soft but is decently creamy. the colour payoff is relatively weak and my swatch showed mostly shimmer. the reason i'm excited to try this product is because i see myself using this as a highlighter. we'll see how that turns out. plus i love love love my sula lip gloss so i was happy to try another sula product.

verdict: unfortunately, this cream shadow is not very pigmented at all... it's basically all shimmer. it does work as a highlighter if you like all shimmer highlights. i'd probably use it going out at night but it's too flashy for day wear. i would not repurchase this.

full size and sample size // 4.5 g // $8

2. glamglow tingling & exfoliating mud mask

i had never heard of this brand but i was excited to receive this sample because i enjoy trying new masks. or rather, i enjoy accumulating them and forgetting to use them, hehe. anyway, i'm actually looking for a good mask to add to my regular skincare regimen so please leave me a comment if you have any recommendations.

since receiving this product in my glymm box, i've done a little research on the brand and i'm so glad we received this sample. it is on the small size (good for 1 or 2 uses) but i do consider the brand to be a luxury item so i'm happy about the opportunity to try it. the ingredients include volcanic rock, french sea clay, and green tea leaf pieces. according to the website, it is 99% paraben free.

along with this sample, we also received a promotion code to purchase the full size product from the glymm boutique for $50.

verdict: the sample had enough product for both my hubby and me to get masked! the mask does exactly what it advertises. it tingles, tightens, and lightens (i.e. the mud gets lighter in colour when it dries) in under 15 minutes... with the added bonus that you look hilarious during the process! hubby noted that "it hurts" and "it smells nice" but i think he approves. i wouldn't say the tingling is severe to the point of hurting but i do agree that the scent is wonderful. i am really really loving this mask so i am considering purchasing the full size product but, at over $5 per mask based on the regular price, i will likely try a few alternatives before i place my order.

i just washed off the mask and, holy moly, my skin feels so super soft! there was absolutely no irritation or redness despite it feeling rather rough when i was using the mask to exfoliate. i don't think my skin has been this soft since i was a baby. seriously, i was amazed by the results. i think i may have to purchase the full size product.

full size // 50mL // $78
sample size // 7mL // approximately $10.92

3. burt's bees tinted lip balm in tiger lily

yay for lip balms! if i received a decent lip balm in every single box, i'd still never tire of them. i currently carry 3 lip balms on my person and i have another 3 within reach when i'm on the computer at home. i simply cannot stand the feeling of dry lips. even though we received burt's bees lotion samples last month (which i could not stand due to the smell), i was still excited to receive the tinted lip balm. especially when i saw the cute (albeit unnecessary) packaging and when i read that the new formulation is an award winning product. i'm a sucker for marketing.

verdict: i am loving this lip balm! i don't get much colour payoff from it but i have to admit that i don't normally gravitate towards tinted lip balm anyway. i have a very nice nude lip when i wear this lip balm. i like that it has a barely there scent and no detectable flavour. it feels great on my lips, which is the most important thing for me when it comes to a lip balm. i would repurchase this but i would wait for it to go on sale as the regular price is a little steep.

full size and sample size // 4.25 g // $7.99

4. mai couture blot & bronze papier

i may be a little biased because i was hoping to try these pigmented sheets ever since seeing them included in the myglam bags. so i was ecstatic when i saw them in my glymm box, even though i got the bronzing sheets rather than the blush sheets. i agree with other subscribers that the sample is rather small.

verdict: i cut one of my blot & bronze papier in half so i could get 4 uses out of my sample. when i handled the papier, i was taken aback by the amount of shimmer on the sheet. i thought i would look like a clown after blotting it on my face. i did it anyway and the glitter is so fine that it is hardly noticeable under most lighting. the blot sheet also took away all my oil! i had a lovely bronze glow after blotting so i am really happy with the product. i would still be wary about using this at work though - in case the lighting somehow picks up the shimmer, which would be essentially all over my face (and hands). i may or may not repurchase this product.

full size // 100 sheets // $24
sample size // 2 sheets // approximately $0.48

while the total value of the february box was less than previous months, i am still happy with this box for a couple of reasons: (1) everything in my box was very useable and right up my alley and (2) i loved that this box was more of a make-up theme versus receiving multiple lotions and serums. i know i am in the minority this month and i certainly hope all the beauty boxes will take subscriber feedback into account regarding the promised luxury (high end brands) and deluxe (size) samples.

// approximate value of the products in the february 2012 glymm box: $27.39 //

what did you think of the glymm box this month?

ftc: i paid for this box and nothing was sent to me for free.

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