Thursday, January 19, 2012

rms lip shine in bloom

ever since i joined glymm, the little pots of lip products from rms beauty have intrigued me. i really really really wanted to try the lip2cheek but i had never heard of the brand so i was reluctant to shell out $36. instead, i hoped that we would one day receive a little sample in our glymm box.

lo and behold, in our january glymm box, we received a promo code for a free lip shine in the colour bloom with any purchase from the glymm beauty boutique. i knew right away that i wanted to take advantage of the offer as i had been planning to purchase something anyway. i placed my order on tuesday night and was absolutely astounded when i received my lip shine today!

the first thing i noticed about the product was its weight. the pot is made of a thick glass so it is relatively heavy and it has a metal screw-on lid. the formulation is very creamy and feels lovely on the lips! the scent reminds me of a burt's bees product that i cannot place. and nooo, definitely not the milk & honey lotion! ;)

it was difficult to capture the true colour of the lip shine on camera but it's a very wearable and pretty sheer pink. when i put it on, it seemed to match my skin tone perfectly so i suspect it's close to the shade of my lips au naturel... well, that's if i had more colour in my lips. i also read on the website that you can use this product on your cheeks as a light blush - i'll be trying this tomorrow! :)

when i redeemed my promo code for the lip shine, i went ahead and purchased a lip2cheek! i was intially attracted to smile but i read on the rms website that smile is the only shade that contains a synthetic pigment. not a big deal to me but i wasn't sure if the colour would work on me anyway so i chose modest instead. pluuuus modest is more like a lip stain and i have an unhealthy attraction to lip stains.

so far, glymm has only sent me the free lip shine so my paid products have not yet arrived... i cannot wait to receive them! i am thinking i will need to place another order very soon... so i can add the lip shine in moment to my collection!

p.s. in case you are wondering about my 2012 goals, not to worry. i am still (sorta) on track and will provide an update at the end of the month!

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