Monday, January 2, 2012

{what i wore} new year's eve

happy 2012!!! i hope you are all having a happy and safe start to the new year.

just wanted to share my outfit for new year's eve. it is an eclectic look - nothing really matches - but i really loved the way it came together.

here is what i wore:

- american apparel nail lacquer in mount royal
- crazy disco clutch from a tacky store in las vegas (i think it was one sale, 2 for $14, or something like that. i also got a smaller all black clutch... which was very classy. too classy for new year's eve, haha!)
- sequined rose print tank top (urban outfitters)
- black lace racer back tank top (walmart)
- black tights (lululemon)
- black ankle booties (walmart)
- oversized gold stud earrings (h&m)
- black & gold chain necklace - tucked into lace tank top (walmart)
- bracelets (talize & dollarama)

not shown in video:

- black h&m boyfriend blazer (h&m)
- wrap coat (anthropologie)

ok, there are a lot of items from walmart on the above list but i swear that is not the main place i shop for clothing! however, i am proud to say that this is probably one of the least expensive outfits i've ever put together... lululemon tights and anthropologie coat notwithstanding.

anyway, i hope my haphazard outfit was not too hard on the eyes. it was definitely fun to pull out all the bling to bring in the new year. :)

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