Sunday, December 18, 2011

{vlog} ugly sweater day & annual holiday extravaganza

a couple of days ago, my friend celebrated ugly sweater day at her workplace. since we were meeting for dinner that same night, she suggested that i wear an ugly sweater too. unfortunately, my closet was seriously lacking in ugly sweaters so i picked my pink and purple sweater from the 80s that i wore in my coloured tights video. which she declared to be wholly un-ugly... so i promptly told her that her sweater was not ugly either.

ugly sweaters, particularly holiday sweaters, are back in style again and i've been eyeing them for a little while now. i never purchased one because i thought i would never wear it... but i felt wholly inadequate when i couldn't participate in ugly sweater day so i bought one the very next day.

there is a huge selection of ugly sweaters at urban outfitters and this one appealed to me because of (a) the colours, (b) the shape, (c) the texture, and (d) the price. i love the mustard yellow detailing, the boxy grandpa sweater shape, the chunky coziness, plus it was on clearance! i think it's ugly in the nicest possible way. so i proudly wore it to my annual holiday extravaganza with my bestie. i was a day late with my ugly sweater but what the hey.

in this vlog, i show the ugly sweater i purchased and briefly describe how my bestie and i celebrate the holidays every year.

our annual holiday extravaganza tradition started a few years ago. i highly recommend this type of celebration because it takes a lot of guesswork out of the holidays and it's also a lot of fun. and since we are both into photography, there's also a photo challenge component to our celebration. here's how it works:

the theme: we basically take turns deciding on a theme - which applies to the gift giving for the current holiday season and to a photo project for the following year as well. this year, it was titi's turn to choose the theme, which she revealed to me when we met for the extravaganza. titi chose a fun superhero theme.

the budget: the person in charge of choosing the theme also sets the budget, which is usually around $40 to $50 (excluding tax).

the time limitation: how long we have to complete the photo challenge and shop depends on what time we meet and when we set our dinner reservations. usually it works out to around an hour or two.

the dinner and gift exchange: we meet up again at our designated meeting time and head to dinner. after dinner, we exchange gifts and swap stories.

we always choose the busiest time of the holiday season because weaving in and out of crowds with a time limitation is so much fun... albeit in a slightly stressful way. i love our holiday tradition and look forward to continuing it even when we are old and grey. :)

i would love to know how you guys celebrate the holidays with your loved ones! do you have any interesting or unique traditions that you want to share?

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