Friday, December 16, 2011

revlon colorburst lip butter & review

i've been wearing my revlon colorburst lip butters every single day for over a week now and i'm even more enamored of them than when i wrote my initial preview blog post. for a sporadic-at-best lipstick wearer, this is saying a lot. i usually default to my vaseline and eos lip balm but i'm appreciating the pop of colour on these dreary nearly-winter days.

here is my video review of the lip butters, which includes mini swatches on my hand and maxi swatches on my lips. there are a lot of reviews out there already so thank you in advance if you end up watching my video... i know i am adding to the hype!

as mentioned in the video, if you want to place an order with, you can use the code "ellesy" to get $10 off orders of $40+! this offer is for new customers only. note that i will receive the same coupon if you use my referral link to join. i was really happy with my experience with - free shipping and the lip butters arrived super fast and in perfect condition.

screen shots below of the lip butters. because i'm lazy like that. plus my expressions are borderline ridiculous.

overall, i am loving almost all the colours i purchased... except that i likely won't get much wear out of raspberry pie as it is too bold and too pigmented for my liking. when i want to wear a bold colour on my lips, i usually choose red. also, the more i look at tutti frutti, the less i like it. the colour on my skin tone reminds me of a bad photoshop action.

i also recently picked up a couple more lip butters during the pharma plus bogo sale: sugar frosting and sugar plum. both are terrific. my favourites are definitely the lighter tones (sugar frosting, sugar plum, creme brulee, peach parfait, and brown sugar) - i wear these so often!

now i want pink truffle and berry smoothie and i will be complete. erg, i mean, my collection will be complete.

happy friday - yay, it's the weekend! :)

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