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glymm box // december 2011

UPDATE (April 2013): Please read my most recent post on Glymm before ordering from this company.

waaaahooo! i received my very first glymm box yesterday. i wasn't sure what to expect as i've been trying to stay away from reveals from fellow bloggers and youtubers... i wanted to be surprised. so if you are reading this and have not yet received your glymm box and don't want to know what's in it... spoileralert - spoileralert - spoileralert...

warning - spoiler ahead!!!

here is my video unboxing. sorry for the ghetto "glymm box" overlay that pops around like an embarrassing dance move from the 80s (i'm thinking, the robot). i was so excited to open my box that i totally neglected to remove my address label from the box before flashing it at the camera. i've learned my lesson for next time.

my worst fear about these monthly subscription boxes was that the products would go unused like our (literally) hundreds of samples tucked under our bathroom sink or in our bathroom cabinet. i am very happy to report that i have actually started using all the products! this is huuuuge, especially considering i rarely use free samples. i don't even take them anymore but unfortunately my dear husband is a sample hoarder.

here is what i got (in order of appearance in the video):

1. strawberry jam and vanilla jelly belly candies

these now rest happily in the tummies of my husband and me. this sweet bonus was actually one of the reasons i was initially so drawn to glymm. i also love the little jar and i'm trying to decide what to do with it... perhaps i will use it to store all my little baubles from jewellery making and sewing. or maybe i'll use it for spices. :)

2. yves saint laurent parisienne eau de parfum

i am wearing this fragrance right now! yay!!! when i first sniffed it, the fruitiness jumped out at me but now i can smell the rose and it is really a very lovely, feminine scent. i love it. i'm not a huge fan of fragrance (plus i always forget to put it on) so i probably would have never tried this scent if it hadn't been in my glymm box.

here is the official description of the fragrance from the ysl website:

head notes... vinyl accord - cranberry - blackberry
heart notes... damask rose - violet
base notes... patchouli - vetiver - sandalwood - musk

verdict: i love this fragrance and the little bottle - i popped it into my makeup bag and now i can access it if i forget to put it on in the morning. i don't think i would buy a full size since i don't use fragrance regularly... unless i could easily "depot" it into the smaller bottle. i am loving the idea of carrying fragrance around with me. i used to do this but stopped for some reason... instead, i've been envious of people who smell good all the time.

full size // 50 mL // $75
sample size // 7.5 mL // approximate value of $11.25

3. lise watier flash lift radiance vial

this product was not listed on the card but based on my limited research, it looks like this sample was included for subscribers who received a non-face mask caudalie product. i do not have a lot of experience with these types of mysterious "magic potions" (this is how it is described on the product!) so i was very very skeptical.

i tried some of my sample this morning (a third of the vial was enough for my face... i saved the rest by inverting the cap as shown on the picture on the back of the box) and i'm not sure i can see a difference but it was kind of fun to use. at first, i thought it was leaving a sticky, greasy residue but it absorbed quickly into my skin. the scent is relatively strong but i find it surprisingly pleasant. i like that there is no alcohol or parabens in this product.

verdict: i am really glad i received this sample as i would've never ever bought this product on my own. i think it works by hydrating, adding radiance (the slightly creamy liquid has a sheen to it), and providing a little aromatherapy to wake you up. i'm not sure i would purchase this regularly but i'll finish my sample vial before i decide.

full size // 7 x 1 mL vials // $27
sample size // 1 x 1 mL vial // approximate value of $3.86

4. caudalie hand & nail cream

i have a thing for hand cream. i don't buy or try a whole bunch but i have an odd affinity towards it. in the winter, i typically stick to gysomed and herbacin. these are super heavy and super greasy but they soften my chapped and cracking hands like no other. the caudalie cream feels nice and light on my hands and smells a little like vicks orange vitamin c drops. it is non-greasy but i thought it left a bit of a sticky film on my hands after an hour or so of wearing it... to be fair, there are no complaints of this online so perhaps it was something else?

verdict: so far, so good but i'll have to use it a little more to see if it's enough for my dry hands. i'll also confirm re. the sticky film.

update: no more sticky film and i am really enjoying this hand cream. the scent is very pleasing and my hands feel silky and soft.

full size // 75 mL // $19
sample size // 15 mL // approximate value of $3.80

5. ahava mineral hand cream

i am wearing this today and i am really impressed. if you watched my video, you probably noticed that i did not fancy the smell whatsoever. it is a bit strong for me but it does wear off a bit during the day. the formulation is non-greasy and absorbed quickly... leaving my hands smooth and silky.

verdict: i like this hand cream a lot! i've washed my hands a few times and haven't had to reapply the product. :) i just wish there was a scent free version... i tend to suffer from sneezing and headaches from prolonged exposure to certain strong scents. dramatic but true.

full size // 3.4 fl oz // $20
sample size // 0.68 fl oz // approximate value of $4

6. sula natural lip gloss in beautiful stranger

i put on my sula lip gloss this morning (i layered it over my revlon colorburst lip butter in peach parfait as i wanted some more colour) and 4 hours later i have not reapplied anything on my lips. if you know me in real life, you'll know that i am constantly reaching for lip balm or vaseline because my lips are always always always dry. i actually hide various lip balms all over my home, in my handbags, and at work because i never want to be without. so it's amazing to me that this lip gloss has lasted this long. did i mention i had a windy 1 hour walk to work this morning?

verdict: i am still not crazy about the cherry blaster scent but i haven't noticed it since applying it this morning. i'm amazed by the moisturizing power of the product and i love some of the names (beautiful stranger, come find me, i know it's true, i'm so lucky). i am pretty sure i got the lightest colour in the line (which is fine because i love a nude lip... let's see how many times i say this in 2012) but i'd like to try some of the other nude colours.

full & sample size // 0.5 fl oz // $8

7. $10 gift card to glymm's beauty boutique

this is a nice little extra that i really appreciate because i shop online so much. i want to try another sula lip gloss but they don't seem to be available in the glymm online shop. :(

// approximate value of the products in the december 2011 glymm box: $30.91 not including the $10 gift card //

overall, i am very pleased with the quality of the samples included in my first glymm box! i'm really loving the excitment of having a little box of surprises delivered to my door each month and i'm also enjoying trying a whole bunch of different products that i would probably have never tried on my own. i am so so so happy!

if you wish to join glymm through my invitation, i will earn 50 points and send heaps of good karma your way. hope this review was helpful... next time, i will include individual product photos (i didn't realize my review would be so long and i feel some images are needed to break up all the blahblahblah).

happy holidays! :)

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