Friday, December 9, 2011

eyelash extensions

confession. when i was young and silly (correction: sillier), i actually tried cutting my eyelashes because i thought they would grow longer. i'm not sure if they actually grew back longer or if they grew back to the same length... i'm just incredibly thankful they grew back!

sommer at flirt custom lash studio has been the answer to all my eyelash woes. no more eyelash curler! no more hard-to-remove mascara! no more crooked strip lashes! no more gunky glue! i am so so so so so so happy to share with you my way-too-long before and after video on the day of my lash appointment. long story short, i highly recommend sommer if you are interested in getting lovely lash extensions of your own.

warning - this video is way too long! sorry for all the blabbering. i'll make up for it by making the video thumbnail a horribly embarrassing screen capture of myself. if you want to skip to the relevant sections, i show my before lashes at 2:54 and my after lashes at 7:15.

(music credit: sound jay)

what i love most about my lash extensions is that it affords so much more flexibility in my range of looks. before, i used to always default to my standard smokey eye and nude lip look. after getting my long luscious lashes, i was amazed when i actually felt comfortable going to work with no eye make-up for three days straight. it was incredible. now i feel like i can also wear a less dramatic eye and play up my lips. i'm so excited by the make-up possibilities!

if you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or you can go straight to the expert herself (i.e. sommer!). and if you're interested in going ahead with the lash extensions, just tell sommer that lesley sent you and we will both get 15% off our extensions... part of her spread the love campaign. :)

see the before and after photo here.

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