Wednesday, December 14, 2011

beyond the rack review & what to wear with statement heels

christmas is around the corner and i'm a wee bit worried. i've been regularly purchasing from beyond the rack (btr) for almost 2 years now but i usually do not order gifts... especially with only 4 weeks until the date i need said gifts. i made an exception this time because i found the perfect present for my dad (or rather, i think it's the perfect gift... he's a little picky and unpredictable on that front). i took the chance because btr's website indicated guaranteed delivery by christmas.

but still i worry. there are only 10 days left until christmas.

you see, btr is known for very slow delivery times. some of my purchases have arrived within 2 weeks but most took 3 to 4 weeks and some took over 5 weeks. despite this, i shop there frequently because the convenience, price, and selection are right. plus usually i don't need my stuff right away so it's like a surprise when it eventually shows up. :)

in this video, i provide a review of btr. this review is for canadian viewers as i do not have any experience with btr outside of canada. i've included my thoughts on the vintage chanel and lv pieces that are increasingly offered for sale on the site... note that this is just my opinion! i know some people have been very happy with their vintage purchases from btr.

(music credit: sound jay)

along with the review, i also wanted to share with you a recent purchase from btr... super sky high, super hot statement heels! ohmygoshilovetheseshoes!

i wanted to try a range of different looks so i ended up doing essentially 5 pairings, which you will find below, along with a few variations. the only pairing i dislike is the last one... my pear shape is way too prevalent so i will need to adjust the look before wearing it out... but i wanted to show it anyway. yikes!

happy hump day!

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