Wednesday, December 7, 2011

at long last... lip butters!

the buzz about revlon colorburst lip butters has been palpable. for months now, beauty bloggers and youtubers have provided review upon glowing review about this new product. but the lip butters have only started popping up in toronto this week... needless to say, i've been looking for them like an obsessed lunatic. i even contemplated renting a car so we could scour various wal-marts and superstores but even my insanity has a limit.

a couple days ago, i discovered and purchased 10 of the 20 colours (note that only 14 are available on this site). then, over the next day or so, i proceeded to visit no fewer than 5 shoppers drug marts (i went to 7 if you count the two i went to twice) to see if i could find some of the remaining colours that i wanted. yes, i'm a crazy person. especially since these are going to be everywhere in january... as they are part of revlon's permanent line. yes, i'm completely and utterly insane.

in particular, i was looking for the colours not available on, which also happen to be what i think may be some of the best colours in the line:

- pink truffle (our bunny's name is truffle so i'm particularly akin to the word)
- sweet tart
- brown sugar
- berry smoothie
- sugar plum
- sugar frosting

to my surprise, i actually found two of them (sweet tart & brown sugar) on my walk home tonight! i hesitated for a nano-second (they were full price, which is always quite a bit higher at sdm)... but i still snatched them up. they're my stocking stuffers to myself. and if i had a christmas stocking, i would totally tuck them in there.

anyway, i just wanted to share the initial 2 lip swatches... i will swatch the 10 others when they arrive. :)

here i am with my natural lip colour:

this is brown sugar... i really like this colour! it reminds me of the lip colour i used to wear all the time in high school. i was literally addicted to this colour and the lip butter is a less opaque, shinier version.

the next one is sweet tart. based on the swatches i saw online, this was one of my favourite shades and i was disappointed that it was not available on so i felt like i really lucked out when i found it at sdm tonight. i'm really happy with this colour.

when i initially placed my order for 10 lip butters without even seeing them in real life first, i chided myself for getting all drawn up in the hype. my sensible side kept saying: this is part of the permanent line, you dummy! just be patient.

but i couldn't be patient. because i'm not patient. and for once, i'm glad, because i'm going to get so much wear out of these over the holidays. :)

the lip butters are not as buttery as i expected - the texture is more like a very creamy but sheer lipstick, if that makes any sense. i'm happy about that because i was worried they would be too greasy and heavy on the lip. the colour is very buildable - i only used 1-2 layers of lip butter because i've been sporting a nude lip for so many years that i wanted to slowly ease back into wearing colour on my lips again. the colour on the camera is showing up a lot more sheer than in real life. in person, the lip butters are much more pigmented, even with only 1-2 layers.

the verdict? believe the hype. lovethem.

p.s. if you are a new customer and want to place an order with, you can use the code "ellesy" to get $10 off orders of $40+! note that i will receive the same coupon if you use my referral link to join.

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