Wednesday, December 14, 2011

american apparel nail lacquer review & 5 for $15 teambuy deal

yesterday, i redeemed my teambuy voucher for 5 american apparel nail lacquers so i just wanted to share my thoughts. there are 4 different lines of nail polish and all lines are eligible for the teambuy deal:

1. regular nail lacquer line - my favourite formulation! the polish goes on very smoothly and opaquely so i am quite impressed. there is a very nice shine to the lacquer.

2. glitter line - i had a little trouble applying the glitter polish so i think i need to watch a youtube tutorial. :) now that i'm wearing the polish, i'm finding the 3d texture to be uber distracting - i feel like picking off all the glitter.

3. metallic line - my second favourite formulation! i'm not a huge fan of metallic polishes but the tones in the american apparel line are very neutral so me likey.

4. neon line - my least favourite forumlation. this was the only polish that left me feeling a little disappointed. the polish went on very sheer and had a matte finish. i put on 4 coats plus a top coat... the colour was not as neon as i expected but the colour was alright so i'll give it another go.

the teambuy deal included 5 nail lacquers for $15, which i thought was a great deal! i picked up the following colours yesterday and there was still a lot of selection in the store:

1. 7th and alameda (regular line)
2. meteor shower (glitter)
3. the valley (regular line)
4. smoke dazzle (metallic)
5. neon yellow

see all the available colours here!

below is my review video including nail swatches:

and a few photos of the swatches... sorry for the poor quality iphone photos... it's all i could manage on an impromptu weeknight blog post. :(

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