Monday, November 7, 2011

thrift and designer pairings

ohmygosh, there's a ghost in my video!


that big white blob is me. a really really really bright me, but still me. some might say i'm glowing. i say i'm in need of a sunny holiday. anyway, sorry i'm so blinding in this video. i promise i won't haunt you if you don't watch it all. for my next video, i'll try to tone it down on the white make-up.

(music credit: sound jay)

for this episode, i created three looks for three occasions using the following three components:

1. a designer piece.
2. one or more items from a thrift store.
3. regular retail store merchandise.

since i buy some of my designer pieces second hand, some might say the line is blurred between thrift and designer. nevertheless, this episode shows how i like to mix new with vintage and expensive with inexpensive pieces to create a look. my method is pretty straightforward - i like to keep the outfit relatively simple and use a designer piece as an accent.

here are the details of my three looks!

// for the everyday //

(photo credit: the boy)

designer: christian louboutin guerriere 120 boots in black suede
thrift: jeans (chip & pepper)
other: chunky black turtleneck sweater (h&m), black suede bomber style jacket (seduction), smaller black statement ring (h&m), larger black statement ring (asos)

// for the office //

(photo credit: the boy)

(photo credit: the boy)

designer: emilio pucci scarf
thrift: charcoal grey pencil skirt (benetton), black envelope clutch (clarks)
other: fitted black v-neck t-shirt (express), black pumps (rocket dog)

// just for fun //

(photo credit: the boy)

(photo credit: the boy)

designer: black 2005 s/s balenciaga city bag
thrift: black cowboy boots (dingo), cuff bracelet
other: burnt orange flowy one shoulder top (asos), black tights (lululemon), statement ring (simons)

hope you enjoyed the looks... if you have any suggestions for future episodes, please leave me a comment! :)

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