Friday, November 4, 2011

talize review & haul

surprise! here is the reveal of my top secret video. i wasn't planning to do a video but it seemed like the best way to share my thrift store finds.

let me back up just a bit...

the last time we were in brampton, the boy (also known affectionately as my hubby) spied, with his little eyes, a thrift store called talize. he knows my obsession with thrifting so he pointed out the storefront but sadly we didn't have time to pop in. i never forgot about the store so, when the boy and i headed up to brampton this past saturday to celebrate his mom's birthday, we went a little early so we could check out talize... and i snagged some great finds!

(note: see the last paragraph of this blog post for a summary of the store.)

i'm constantly promising to share my thrifty finds but, of course, after i take off the tags, wash the items, and put everything away, i feel like the moment has passed. so everything goes unshared. not this time!

when we got home from brampton, i randomly decided to record a haul video. i've been watching a lot of these types of videos on youtube and they seemed like a good way to share a lot of pieces in very little time. except that it took me forever to record the footage, re-record parts of it when i didn't immediately notice that my camera battery had gone kaput in the middle of recording, edit the segments together, and find ways to make the video slightly more bearable to watch. but at least the process was fairly new to me so it was somewhat fun.

alright folks, i invested so much time in this video that i feel like i have no choice but to post it. this is my first go at a haul video so please be kind. warning: this video is 14 looong minutes long. if you do decide to watch it all and find it to be a colossal waste of time, please don't resent me... i know you will never get those minutes back. i promise my next videos will be much much shorter. i'm thinking of limiting all future videos to 10 minutes. ok, maybe 5 minutes. we'll see.

(music credit: sound jay)

at the 10:20 point of the video, there are two self portraits shown... i've posted them below. these were shot as part of a series of 365 self portraits in 2009... a project i abandoned mid-year.

(day 7 of 365 // 09 march 2009)

(day 20 of 365 // 20 march 2009)

to summarize, i LOVED shopping at talize. the store was well organized and clean. clothing was separated into category (pants, skirts, sweaters, etc.), size, and colour so it was really easy to find stuff. the clothing is in good condition for the most part and the prices were very reasonable. the store was not jam-packed and there was no line for the fitting room. there are mirrors spaced out at regular intervals - if you've ever shopped at the goodwill at bloor & sherbourne, you'll understand why this is a huge plus. there isn't a dedicated jewellery wall so you will have to hunt around to find necklaces and such but there is a decent selection overall.

hope this helps and happy thrifting!

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