Friday, November 4, 2011

talize haul pairings

another silly video! woooooot, i'm on a roll!

in this video, i "model" my thrift store finds. my favourite skirt ended up being the casual taupe skirt. 100% cotton so it wrinkles like crazy - can you believe i actually ironed it for the video? yeah, i can't believe it either... it looks like i just slept in it. twice.

despite the wrinkles, i really love the skirt's neutral colour, the casual vibe, and the versatility of being able to wear it as a skirt or a dress. :) plus the skirt goes well with my new art nouveau style earrings. i think these might just be among my favourite earrings.

(photo credit: the boy)

hmmm, but i must say, i also love the polka dot skirt. and the plum skirt. ok, i love them all. anyway, my idea for the video was to pair my 5 thrift store skirts with 5 tops and 5 pairs of shoes from my closet. i wanted to see how many looks i could come up with. what works, what doesn't? i hope you enjoy the video!

(music credit: sound jay)

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