Sunday, November 13, 2011

{sunday roundup} lash extensions, lighted mirrors & diy pore strips

welcome to the first installment of {sunday roundup}! this is where i'll be sharing a handful of my favourite things for the week. YAY! just a little post to end the week... or start the week... depending on how you classify sundays.

// lash extensions //

last week, stephanie of blush pretty (who was the make-up artist for my wedding - highly recommend!) sent out an invitation to a lash extension info shop. i first heard about lash extensions last year - in fact, i had plans with a friend to go get our lashes done but our plans never materialized. i soon forgot all about the extensions... but my interest was piqued again when i saw stephanie's invitation.

i asked titi to check out the info shop with me so we headed over to stephanie's studio today for a demo by sommer dunsmuir of flirt custom lash studio. stephanie got a half set of lash extensions put on as we chatted and asked questions. the lashes looked AH-MAZING and i was in awe at the difference... here's stephanie with one eye done. again, this is only a half set! sommer said that she only extended approximately 50% of stephanie's adult lashes.

watching stephanie's reaction when she saw the results was priceless. titi and i immediately made appointments for december 4 and i will be sure to post before and after photos. i can't decide if i want a full set or a half set - i love long lashes but i'm not sure i want such a dramatic look for the everyday. titi requested the first appointment and is getting a full set so i'll make up my mind after i see her. seriously, i CANNOT wait until my appointment. :)

// lighted mirrors //

i've been wanting a lighted mirror for a little while and, after the lash info shop, i decided to finally purchase one. oddly enough, we couldn't find any at the beauty supply store or at sephora... but sears and the bay had a small selection. at first, i thought 10x magnification was a bit much - i was actually frightened when i saw myself.

after thinking about it, i purchased the 10x lighted foldaway make-up mirror (danielle by upper canada) from sears for $59.99 plus tax. this mirror was the best choice for me in terms of size (it folds up nicely), light settings (there are both high and low light settings), and price point (the mirrors at the bay were at least 50% more expensive).

i used the mirror immediately when i got home to pluck my eyebrows. yikes, i can't believe i went out in public with my brows looking like that. i LOVE this mirror. the combination of the light and magnification makes it much easier to see tiny details and i can't wait to use it tomorrow morning to apply my make-up.

// diy pore strips //

of course, when i was using the mirror, i noticed all my unsightly blackheads. months and months ago, i watched michelle phan's youtube video on how to make your own pore strips. i tried it but i wasn't sure there was a big difference. i decided to try it again today since i'd surely be able to see the difference in my super duper magnifying mirror. i didn't watch the video again but i read the instructions online to refresh my memory. i thought i'd share them here so i can also refer back to this post next time i'm grossed out by by nose.

1) in a small bowl, mix 1 tsp gelatin with 1 tsp water (michelle phan uses milk but i rarely have any milk at home).

2) microwave the bowl for 10 seconds (i can't remember if michelle phan's video included this but i put a glass of water in the microwave beside the bowl - not sure if this is necessary but i'm old school so i tend to do this when microwaving a small amount of someting).

3) make sure the stinky mixture is warm - but not hot - and brush onto your nose with a make-up brush.

4) wait approximately 10 minutes for the peel to dry - you will feel your nose tightening up.

5) i like to take this time to wash the bowl and make-up brush.

6) carefully remove the peel from your nose.

7) rinse off any remaining residue with warm water.

this works about as well as the pore strips you buy at the drug store - but this is more fun to peel. full disclosure: i used to cover the palm of my hand in elmer's glue just so i could peel it off... so my definition of fun may not be the same as your definition of fun. anyway, my nose looks and feels a lot cleaner and smoother. success!

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