Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the odds

do you believe in signs?

i do.

this afternoon, on my walk home from work, i saw a button lying on the sidewalk. i live in downtown toronto so the street is a veritable breeding ground for interesting objects (alongside disgusting things but we won't speak of those here). i very rarely pick things up from the ground but i make four exceptions: (1) cash, (2) metropasses, (3) things in good condition that i had been planning to purchase*, and (4) shiny things.

*this really happened... i once found a brand new copy of a guide book called, "the french side of toronto" -
the very book i was planning to purchase.

as i waited on the sidewalk for the traffic light to change, i looked down at my feet and a button caught my eye. i've always had a thing for buttons but the ones i see on the ground are usually dated, boring, or dirty. this one was not so. i stared at the button, looked away, put my hands in my pockets, shuffled about, thought for a moment, and then knelt to pick it up. the button was perfect. shiny, black, simple, perfect.

during the rest of my walk home, i thought about the odds of finding such a button on a crowded street corner in the middle of rush hour. the odds that i would see it and decide to pick it up. the odds that this would happen on a day i was thinking about starting a fashion blog.

the fact that i tend to over-analyse and romanticize does not make this event less serendipitous in my books. am i reaching? regardless, i took the button as a sign and thus this blog was born.

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