Friday, November 25, 2011

mini kensington market haul & steaming suede boots

in this video, i share a mini kensington market haul. i only picked up four pieces... note that one of the items was not from kensington market but i wanted to share anyway...

1. new // oversized olive green top // c'est moi // winners // $16.99
2. new // cute bunny print dress // f.s.t. // kensington market (sorry, i don't know the name of the store - will update when i find it) // $24.99
3. thrift // biscuit coloured oversized cashmere cardigan // banana republic // vintage depot // $23.00
4. thrift // black suede over-the-knee boots // kenneth cole // king of kensington // $39.00

king of kensington is currently my favourite store in kensington market, even overtaking courage my love. this store has a really wide selection of great clothing, accessories, and shoes at very reasonable prices. the store is easy to navigate and smells great - really! plus the shopkeeper was super nice to me. :) he gave me a great tip to steam my suede boots, which worked like a charm - in case you are interested, i demonstrate this in the video at around the 7:30 mark.

(music credit: sound jay)

// shopping at kensington market //

i typically thrift shop at goodwill (at 50% off, no less!) so i am wary about overpaying for thrift items. while i love going to kensington market, i don't often purchase anything because i feel that a lot of the items are inflated in price. here is my relatively simple thought process when i find something i like at kensington market:

- is there a high likelihood that i can find this item at a lower price at goodwill? if yes, i put it back.
- if the item is a piece of clothing or shoes, will it be a staple in my wardrobe? if no, i put it back.
- if the item is a handbag or jewellery item, is it unique enough to warrant the price? if no, i put it back.
- is the item in relatively good condition? if no, i put it back.

as you can infer from my thought process, i do not buy a lot of clothing or shoes from kensington market that i would classify as "experimental" or "fun" - i typically stick with staples. i tend to purchase my "fun" stuff at goodwill because of the lower prices. i've purchased way too much thrift clothing that i never wear so i am really careful in this regard.

that being said, if i find a "fun" piece of clothing at kensington market for $10 or less, i will still consider buying it.

on the other hand, i will purchase a "fun" handbag or jewellery item if it meets the criteria of (a) being unique, (b) appealing to me, and (c) being priced within reasonable limits. it's all about balance. i purchased a small clutch recently that was priced on the high side at around $32 but i fell in love with it and could not let it go. i knew i'd never be able to find anything like it at goodwill so i bought it.

anyway, i purchased the sweater and the boots at relatively high prices but i have already worn both numerous times. the sweater is sooooooo soft and the boots keep my legs warm when i am out on chilly days. hooray for great buys!

// steaming suede boots //

i used my steam iron to do this and it was so easy! just keep the steam at least 6 inches away from the suede and steam until slightly damp (although i didn't have to go to this extent). i read that you can use a regular kettle - just hold the boot above the kettle once the steam starts going. i should have taken a before and after of the boots... there was a noticeable difference. the only place it didn't work very well was on the foot of the boot - i think taking the steam to that part of the boot a little longer would have worked better.

oh gosh, my hair looks so brown in the below photos and it totally doesn't suit me... makes me what to dye it darker.

(photo credit: the boy)

(photo credit: the boy)

{ootd} casual chic

oversized olive green top - c'est moi - purchased at winners
black tights - lululemon
black suede boots - kenneth cole - purchased at king of kensington

{what's on my face} purple smokey eye

i know you can't see my eyes very well with my fringe covering them but here are the shades i used from the 88 original palette to achieve the look. i'm also wearing the stila lip glaze in apricot. :)


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