Monday, November 28, 2011

mac eye shadow & brush review

in this video, i review the following products:

mac matte eye shadow in carbon versus annabelle matte eye shadow in ebony #58
mac matte2 eye shadow in handwritten
mac matte2 eye shadow in blanc type versus annabelle matte eye shadow in #225
mac 219 pencil brush
mac 239 shader brush versus elf brush eye shadow brush from dollar store
mac 217 blending brush
ecotools line of brushes - travel size

(music credit: sound jay)

lots of photos below! the boy usually takes my photos for me but he was at work when i recorded this video so i did the photos myself this time. :)

my eyes look so freaky in this photo!

i'm not being crazy in this photo - i'm actually smiling at lulu!

a few requisite photos with lulu - she loves being in photos! our bunny truffle does too but he doesn't let me hold him for long enough.

finally i wanted to post a few black and whites that i thought turned out nicely:

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