Thursday, November 3, 2011

life as a petite pear

i've always had an affinity for pears. it wasn't until years later that i realized it was because i look like one.

standing barefoot at only five-one-and-a-half, i have a rather small frame so when i gained my requisite university weight, i was shocked to discover i could get so big on the bottom. i kid you not, every single pound of the freshman fifteen ended up on my thighs, saddlebags, and butt. ok, except maybe the last two pounds - there was no more room so they decided to take up residence on my stomach and chin. not on my boobs though... oh why not my boobs?

it took me two long years after graduating from university to decide to make a change and actually lose the weight. i lost most of it but still i retain a slight pear shape. if i eat a few big meals in a row, i have slightly more than a slight pear shape.

the good news is this: as i get a little older and a little less self conscious, i am learning to love what i have... big bottom and all. i'm also learning to show off my shape with clothing, even styles of clothing i thought a pear could never wear.

skinny jeans
pencil skirts
flat shoes
mini skirts
short shorts

yes, i used to stay far away from all of the above items. let's just say i wasn't too hip with the trends. i've since learned (through trying stuff on and way too much shopping) that rules in the fashion world are meant to be broken. or, at the very least, bent. it's amazing how appropriate fabric, fit, and styling can completely change the look of a piece of clothing.

welcome to the fashion diaries of a diminutive girl with a slight pear shape.

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